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I think that we have to be aware that people are allowed to make mistakes in their life.

Christian Dior

We were never aware of our financial situation.

Ashley Olsen

We were not aware.

Robert Flowers

We are not aware of any pending or imminent threat to the pipeline.

Mike Heatwole

The more decisions that you are forced to make alone, the more you are aware of your freedom to choose.

Thornton Wilder

I don't know if everybody's aware of what's going on.

Councilman David Vento

People are aware he's got game-breaking ability.

Gary Wichard

Members of the committee are very much aware of the need.

Patrick Chorpenning

I am not aware that we have struck back at anyone with a denial of service attack.

Susan Hansen

We were getting misinformed. He is more aware now. He was up and walking around, and he could talk.

Crystal Williams

We're not aware of any history of seizures or blackouts.

Joel Henderson

For the first time we as Americans were acutely aware of what you do.

Jim Steiner

To make the public aware of our museum and at the same time have a lot of fun with the music.

Jim Robinson

I wouldn't mind one or two more and the chairman is very aware of that and we'll try and press on on all fronts.

Iain Dowie

Most are rehab projects, and there's going to be something to repair that you're not aware of.

Jon Kaplan

It'll keep us aware of new systems and create more accountability.

Mike Carden

Sad to say, but it's something you have to be aware of.

Kevin Hallinan

He is aware of people going in there. He's very short of breath.

Phil Hughes

We were not aware of any court action that was taken. This was taken independently of that.

Christine Karbowiak

We have the same complaint as this lady. We're well aware of the problems it causes.

Carl Laundrie

If the family had been aware this never would have happened. Never. Never. Never.

Caridad Ramos

I'm not aware of anyone else doing anything like this.

Lora Gernon

I am aware of the videotape but cannot confirm its validity.

Laurent Fox

Now, we're not aware of any of that, but we'd like to explore that.

A.j. Smith

We were not aware that Reed was working against our bill.

Kathryn Rexrode

No, I am not aware of any relationship.

Danny Treanor

You always want to be sure to be aware of other aircraft.

Andrew Bartlett

We are aware that how critical the problem is.

Alex Padilla

It's a great opportunity for us to make history and we're very much aware of that.

Todd Woodbridge

He's fully aware of everything that's going on.

Jim Deckard

Either they were all-consumed with him, or they weren't aware of the guy at all.

Stephen Brower

If you know how rich you are, you are not rich. But me, I am not aware of the extent of my wealth. That's how rich we are.

Imelda Marcos

I wasn't aware that it would create this much attention.

Matthew Elliott

We call early on ... to let them be aware.

Joe Paul Boone

The significance of man is that he is insignificant and is aware of it.

Carl Becker

I was not aware of that resolution.

Vernon Cooper

I'm more aware of being in the spotlight and that I am always representing Honor.

David Hobbs

They need to be aware. It affects them more than the rest of the community.

Diana Salinas

There's a local food system that you can be aware of.

Rachel Cusick

Be aware that a halo has to fall only a few inches to be a noose.

Dan McKinnon

Aware of the arrest.

John Timoney

To make people aware of the meeting.

Carolyn Jones

And with the appointment as a bishop, I'm more aware of how I've become a more public person.

John Noonan

You always have to plan ahead, ... We always are aware of what ore is around the corner.

Jerry Nelson

I'm not aware of any specific problems at this point in time.

Kellie Bernell

It's to make people aware how much stuff can accumulate.

Deborah Lewis

I think we are all aware that some accounts have a deficient balance.

Bill Cole

I've been made aware of this, but only recently.

Brian Tanner

This would be one of the most comprehensive programs I am aware of.

Scott Horne

We have to be aware that we don't over punish our athletes just because they are athletes.

Jerry Baker

He's the guy that can be mobile and he can be the pocket passer. He's aware and that's key.

Thomas Clayton

They were in the car. My understanding is that there was some planning in this. They were aware of what happened and they did not come forward.

Mark Bishop

No one on our staff was aware of it if he did so.

Todd Morgan

It really is amazing. Most tax professionals probably would not be aware of it.

Andrew Pincus

We are aware that some commentators fear that we are biting off more than we can chew.

Michael O'leary

We are aware that it is an odd thing.

David Fricke

We are at loggerheads with Australia and the International Cricket Council is aware of it.

Gerald Majola

We are aware of the impact we will make, but we have been forced into it.

Blessing Mahwire

I wasn't aware of the state record.

Tom Dale

I'm not aware of any Arabian horses being killed in this storm.

Kate Hale

They knew there would be a strong reaction. They were aware of the sensitivity.

Youk Chhang

He's said all along he was not made aware of the contract until April.

Mark Rickel

I can't give you detail on any of that, clearly, but we are aware that they have plans and they've looked at this.

Admiral Sir Alan West

People who have panic attacks hold their breath and are not aware of it.

Margaret Summy

In some instances local IEC offices were not aware of this and did not accept the submission.

Pansy Tlakula

I wasn't really aware of [the 500th win] until after the game.

Danny Haney

We're better-trained, better-equipped and more aware.

Jim Baird

We still want to make people aware of it.

Greg Link

This is information we all need to be aware of.

Ashley Hansen

I didn't really do anything different than what I normally do, but I probably should have been more aware of the conditions.

Mike Nugent

People need to be more aware of their water consumption.

Tony Haffer

Didn't know the guy's speed. You have to be aware.

Corky Palmer

Not that I'm aware of.

Jim Margolin

People who matter are most aware that everyone else does, too.

Malcolm S. Forbes

I was aware that ties will be broken by lot.

David Yardley

I'm aware they are advertising the job and I was made aware of that...(but) it's not an option.

Robbie Deans

Playing fast was something I was never aware I did. It was just the way I played.

Lanny Wadkins

As far as I am aware they were still very much together.

Phil Stone

It is a major challenge. We are aware of it.

Abdullah Abdullah

People are beginning to be more aware and interested.

Patsy Christie

They have not made us aware of any criminal investigation.

John Kelly

Yeah, he was there the other night. I'm not aware something happened.

Stephanie Mcmahon

Did you follow up every clue you were aware of that [the murderer] could have been someone else?

Shellie Samuels

As I go out and about, the general public isn't aware of some of that.

Rep. Charles Blasdel

This is a new law and many new drivers are not aware of it.

Jenna Berry

I'm not aware of any plans to sell stock at this time.

Jim Monaghan

They'll certainly have to be aware of it fielding on the boundary.

Tom Moody

It was a serious message, and the kids are well aware of that.

Sebrina Brown

It's basically something for people to become aware of.

Fernando Senra

We've made our department aware that these guns are out there, it's about all we can do.

Wayne Silcox

I wasn't aware of any marijuana plants growing on my property.

Glen Phillips

We're very aware of the situation that we haven't won there before.

Carin Koch

I am not aware of anyone who has not received it.

Stephen Push

There's been no activity of which I'm aware.

Mark Bench

Nobody ever wants to admit it. Investors should be aware of it.

Sheldon Jacob

To become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something.

Walker Percy

USTR unilateral actions would violate the WTO? That is something that USTR is aware of just as we are aware of it.

Russell Smith

We're now aware of the rules and we have to adjust. We can't do anything about the officials. They're calling everything.

Kelly Stephens

I am not aware of this proposal at this time.

Russell Ahr

We're aware of the allegations.

Deborah Scott

I'm not aware of any regulations on our side. We're ready to negotiate.

James Swartz

That way they made the intruder even more aware that they were annoyed.

Carel Van Schaik

We are not aware of its contents. We are only aware of what the President told us. We have not seen it.

Somawansa Amerasinghe

To be happy is to be able to become aware of oneself without fright.

Walter Benjamin

It never hurts to check with your agent to see if there's anything new that's stirring around that you're not aware of.

Dan Delano

She cries now and she knows her mother, ... She's becoming more aware and alert.

Michael Wenger

It makes us aware the person is not very thoughtful or doesn't know us very well.

Lisa Daily

The commission is very aware of your feelings and concerns.

Joyce Miller

You just have to be very aware of what you are doing.

Lee Gardner

He who is not aware of his ignorance will only be misled by his knowledge.

Richard Whatley

This was our fourth home. It's not as if we weren't aware, but we'd never had an adjustable-rate mortgage before.

Cassandra Wilson

There were quite a few things she wasn't aware of.

Beverly Bosh

We were not aware of this -- I certainly was not aware of this.

Ron Carey

We have never used it before in executions and we're not aware of any other state that has.

Keith Acree

So she's very well aware of the state.

Frank Jaramillo

We have made contact with our embassy there and no South Africans are affected, as far as we are aware.

Ronnie Mamoepa

I've always got such high expectations for myself. I'm aware of them, but I can't relax them.

Mary Decker Slaney

I was not aware of any 9/11 (connection).

David Horner

There wasn't any damage to the bridge that I'm aware off.

Jeff Knight

This is one of the largest outbreaks, that we are aware of, in decades anywhere in the world.

Christopher Braden

Everyone is aware of the financial position.

John Wardle

We are aware of the difficulty of our task.

Jerome Verdier

Any good publisher is always aware of what their readers are doing.

Roger Black

I was not aware Mike Anderson was being interviewed, no.

Gary Link

We're asking everybody to be aware of their surroundings.

Dr. James Wilcox

Absolutely, once we are aware, we have to follow the law.

Tom Keilty

Everybody was aware of it and could see it.

Bertrand Delanoe

It is submitted that at all relevant times the accused was aware of his rights.

Herman Broodryk

But we're definitely aware of it.

Gwenda Bond

I think it's awesome, ... They possess talents we aren't aware of.

Cynthia Smith

We were aware that this report was due to come out and it would be both topical and controversial.

John Drummond

We are hoping he doesn't play, he is aware of that but we will have to see how the season pans out.

Trevor Bayliss

We're well aware of that.

Perry Dane

They were aware that different environments gave it a different feeling.

Deb Tyte

Well, you have to be aware of where you are.

William Simmons

I'm not aware of any government agency that can help when something like that happens.

Brian Michaels

We want parents to be more aware of what the problem is.

Marcel Malfregeot

We are aware that the immediate priority would be the rescue operation.

Chandrika Kumaratunga

The head of state is aware of this.

Gibson Mashingaidze

Our membership is pretty aware that we're not affected until January.

Jim Sparks

The older people who lived through the 1964 earthquake are more aware.

Jennifer Austin

I'm optimistic that the Valley has been made aware of it.

Jane Albright

We weren't aware of how rapidly things were deteriorating.

David Nash

I wasn't aware of the record. I just did what I did for the team.

Makhaya Ntini

Rockford is aware of the condition.

David Brehm

If I have a style, I am not aware of it.

Michael Graves

Nokia was aware of the incident, and we do not have anything else to comment.

Arja Suominen

We were innocently hiring someone to do a job and not being aware that it was part of something else.

Rabbi Daniel Lapin

I think she was very much aware of the social condition of the people around her.

Tillman Neuner

It is not a term ... used in aviation that I'm aware of.

Thomas Mcsweeny

We are aware and our staff is aware more than we ever have been.

Leonard Wood

It's entertaining and funny and it helps make people -- adults and teen-agers -- more aware.

Katie Keyser

The most hopelessly stupid man is he who is not aware that he is wise.

Isaac Asimov

It is crystal-clear to me that NuCO2 was well aware of the danger.

Mark Nation

The [Eskimos'] front office is aware of the age of these two guys.

Greg Frers

But again we need to make sure that the students are aware of it.

Sunny Kim

A lot of people aren't even aware that the world isn't the same as it is in Canada.

Steve Jocz

We were very aware of the warnings.

Doug Desilvey

We are not aware of any other cases in Iraq.

Abdul Jalil Hassan

Was aware of the sinister plans of imminent execution.

Imad Eddin Barakat Yarkas

She wasn't aware of it. It was a surprise to her, and she was very happy the day she'd brought him in.

William Wang

We weren't aware they were in a half-court trap. We got caught by surprise.

Rich Gradoville

They're playing with a lot more confidence - there's no doubt about that. They are more match aware.

Glenn Mcgrath

Certainly, we know where the key installations are. Are there others that we're not aware of at all? You don't know what you don't know.

John Negroponte

In general we are least aware of what our minds do best.

Marvin Minsky

Should be aware of how much everything has increased.

Ruth Graham

We are not aware if any weapons are involved. We are looking into that.

Larry Long

I am not aware that it has occurred before.

Douglas Duncan

Here we are again. Very much aware, yes. When I walked through that parking lot last time, it didn't go well.

Michael Muniz

We're aware of the problem and we're determined to do something about it.

Francesco Buranelli

I wasn't aware of that. It'll have to be taken care of, obviously.

Thomas Clayton

In the final analysis, these are signs of preparation of war and the government should be aware of it.

Harry Goonetilleke

He has accepted that he may well have been less forthright in his comments if he had been aware.

Sir John Holt

It will make the public more aware of the problems and make the politicians more responsive.

Edward Collins