Bill Cole
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"William (Bill) Shadrack Cole" (b. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania/Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1937) is an United States of America/American jazz musician and educator. Cole, most unusually for his genre, specializes in non-Western wind instruments, including the Ghanaian atenteben, Chinese suona, Korean hojok and piri, South Indian nadaswaram/nagaswaram, North Indian shehnai, Tibetan trumpet, and Australian didjeridu. Cole has a Ph.D. in ethnomusicology from Wesleyan University, writing his dissertation on the music of John Coltrane.

Cole is the founder and leader of the Untempered Ensemble and has performed with Ornette Coleman, Jayne Cortez, Julius Hemphill, Sam Rivers, James Blood Ulmer, and Fred Ho. He records for the Boxholder label.

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We got some direction here today. Scott and I can now go back to the departments, sit down, and hear their needs.

We had some competitive matches, we wrestled well, we had to forfeit our matches which makes it tough. Overall it was a positive last meet.

I think we are all aware that some accounts have a deficient balance.

When we got that lead they made a couple of mistakes with that intentional and technical, and we just ran with it.

The value in superstition is that for athletes it gives an incredible confidence, because you really believe this thing works.

It's really an honor to be elected by your peers. Looking back, 10-0 was a special season for all of my seniors -- and all of my players.

With his all-around athletic ability, his knowledge, ability to anticipate where to get open against a defensive scheme, his great hands, his legs ... I think he'll fit in very well at Delaware. He's a real threat after he catches the ball.

I knew I needed to spark the team some way. They got me the ball in the right place and I just stroked it. I didn't even think about it.

One of the things the council would not like to do is increase taxes. In fact, if there's any possible way, they'd like to see a decrease.