Judge Colwell heard the injunction case. It was in the best interest for someone else to hear the case.

They have not made us aware of any criminal investigation.

If there is anything we find that needs to be fixed, believe me, we will fix it.

Maybe because of video games and technology, teachers feel like we have to keep them moving and interested more.

It is a powerful force when you can do that with one phone call.

There is a programming error with the voice annunciator system on this particular bus. [We] have sent this information to our Bus Maintenance Department and Operations Planning and Support Department for correction.

We have the forces and can get there quickly, ... We know what kind of stocks we have. We know there are 150,000 MREs (Meals Ready to Eat) right here. We have water. And all those things can move very quickly by military air both by National Guard and active forces, to any place around the islands.

And I can run that to ground.

It was completely balanced, completely objective. That's what'll have worried the BBC. Anybody watching that play can see we were right.