Oh, we gave it to him on Saturday night, and I'm talking about proposals.

The defense fund will cover strike benefits for a long strike, if necessary, ... We estimate the strike benefits will cost about $10 million a week.

Unfortunately for Doran, Minnesotans aren't interested in giving away the governor's office to an impulse buyer.

We are done negotiating, ... There are no more talks from our side. That means there's a strike at 12:01.

Our union will continue to do its job of standing for American working families.

We have exhausted every possible approach to try to solve the problem, ... There are a number of complex problems. At this point it's just a waste of time.

We were not aware of this -- I certainly was not aware of this.

We believe that as the company grows, so should the jobs grow. The company believes just the opposite, and that is to grow more part-time jobs, to subcontract -- to steal away the American dream.

Are prepared to meet -- anytime, anywhere, with a mediator or without one -- to negotiate a contract that provides good jobs for working families.