Tom Moody
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"Thomas Masson Moody" is a former Australian cricketer and the former coach of the Sri Lankan cricket team. Currently he is the coach for the Indian Premier League/IPL team Sunrisers Hyderabad.

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We have got a lot of cricket in the next 6-12 months and we want to maintain some positive momentum. This series is as important than any other series we have got in the future. It is important we play our strongest side because we have a lot of respect for Bangladesh. They are an emerging side and improving all the time.

The ability of moving the side around, changing batting orders, resting three of the most senior players today was one way of motivating the side because you are giving opportunities to other players. Hopefully, they will grab those opportunities with both hands and create a competitive environment within the squad.

They'll certainly have to be aware of it fielding on the boundary.

We have been beaten two-nil in this Test series but a lot of positives have come out. We had not competed over five days which cost us, but we had India on the ropes in all three Tests, though the first one was rain-affected. We had not been thrashed.

It's pretty hectic. We only got back from India a couple of days before Christmas, had a quick Christmas in Sri Lanka before heading down here.

When you are allowed to have a super sub, it allows you to have a lot more depth depending on which way you go. There are a lot of options for the captain whether it be batting or bowling. We found that it wasn't effectively used in this series because we weren't in any sort of pressure situation where it could be tested.

The momentum India get while playing at home is different, which makes it hard for visitors.

We have a fair idea how we would like to approach it but we are going with a little bit of uncertainty as to what is the perfect way of approaching the new regulations.