And Mr. Welch also told you that Mr. Blake was going to let his daughter Delinah keep the child?

Is there anything about your tests that can exclude the possibility that the defendant fired the gun?

Didn't you get your marriage annulled because he said he didn't want to have kids?

He was looking for people who had killed people.

Extraordinary funds are being spent.

Did you follow up every clue you were aware of that [the murderer] could have been someone else?

You're nodding your head. Do you recognize them?

He also told you that Blake wanted the child, but he didn't want Bakley, isn't that correct?

Sure, these are drug users. That's who the defendant went to commit the murder. He didn't go to the FBI and say, 'Hey do you guys have some snipers I can rent?' He went to the lowlifes that he knows that do drugs, that are involved with guns, that live in the desert.