Mike Dow deserves more than a nod here. Rather than put (the property) on the market, he wanted to find a way to allow the community to use it.

I saw his love for the priesthood, just by being himself, ... He is like a poet, capturing the essence of life without words.

And with the appointment as a bishop, I'm more aware of how I've become a more public person.

We're all island people, we enjoy one another's company, but don't invade us.

It's funny, how you look at so many priests who are characters when you're growing up; then one day you find you're a character yourself.

He'd be washing dishes, or riding a tractor mower. He got sweaty and dirty. He wasn't afraid of manual labor. When you see your teacher do that, it's a great inspiration.

For the initial Memory Ride, we had six riders, consisting of mostly family and friends. And last year, 150 riders from all over the country participated in what truly turned out to be a terrific event. This year marks our 10th Anniversary and we are still striving to promote awareness of Alzheimer's as well as help fund research.

All of this could come together and make it a destination for families to spend some time there before heading into Leelanau County.