It's great not to have yard work, but I didn't have to wash my house every other week.

Basically we have a newborn here. We feel very strongly that these two individuals are very dangerous and we don't know what their intentions are. We are asking the public to keep eyes open for their vehicle; have info, call 911.

The parents, possibly intoxicated, abducted the child last night. We know both parents have an extensive history of drug use. Jessie Threatts (the father of the baby) is out on bond for carrying concealed firearm by a felon. These are two very dangerous individuals.

Why is it that gas that's already been bought and paid for and is already in South Dakota before the disaster stuck is costing twenty five, even forty cents more than the day before.

The board as I see it has made a decision, ... Mr. Wolfe as far as I'm concerned is our superintendent until some legal concerns are taken care of.

There's a real freedom without all that stuff, once you learn to get by without all the things you thought were necessities.

Consumers should never wire money to someone they do not know.

He wanted me to tell the world that [Elizabeth] is his wife, and he still loves her and knows that she still loves him, that no harm came to her during their relationship and the adventure that went on.

We are not aware if any weapons are involved. We are looking into that.