Tom Dale
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"Tom Dale" is a fictional bingo caller created and played by Peter Kay. He appears in the 'Eyes Down' episode of That Peter Kay Thing.

Originally from Liverpool, Tom Dale works at the Apollo bingo hall in Bolton as the main caller. He titles himself "The King of the Callers" and is implied to be the real driving force behind the running of the Apollo at the expense of the various managers over the years, including the incumbent, "Ron Hibbert", who were (and are) little more than puppets with no real authority over what goes on, prompting Apollo employee, "Patrick O'Neil" (Kay) to refer to Dale and his manegerial underlings as "The Bingo Mafia". This situation would appear to be confirmed by the fact that Dale has a plush and spacious wood-pannelled office whereas Hibbert's office is tiny and cramped, appearing to be little more than a converted storeroom or airing cupboard. Despite being seen by the lower-level employees as something of a coward, Tom is loved by his elderly clientele (many of whom would love to go home to his travel trailer/caravan) and takes great pride in his reputation as the area's top bingo caller.

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I wasn't aware of the state record.

You're welcome here for as long as you need to be here, forever maybe.

We will find the means to take care of them and give them what they need, ... I think the folks of Idaho would step up to the plate and they will do what they have done many times in the past and that is provide what is necessary.

The city governments don't really have that responsibility and there really isn't money in the budget.