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We've gotten better at the surveys and added more areas we think manatees will be.

Holly Edwards

There are areas that are receding. We've just got a long way to go.

Mike Rogers

It's an excellent document, and it covers all areas.

Wayne Sandford

Our main goal here is to reach out to all areas.

Mario Garza

There are characters in it that do deliberately go as far as they can in certain kind of taboo areas.

Richard Hell

Almost all the routes (in Phoenix) come into some contact with residential areas.

Mike Dewitt

It is certainly a goal of ours to improve in all areas.

Harry Kemp

It's had a huge effect. It's definitely better. It has helped in all areas.

Giuseppe Chiaramonte

We're hoping we don't have to do this in other areas.

Steve Homan

Up until now, 71 have died and rescuers are trying to reach the cut-off areas.

Muhammad Suryadi

We still have villages in very remote areas that have not been accessed.

Hansjoerg Strohmeyer

The entire area?s been logged off already.

Bill Allread

Fire is one of the most basic areas of coverage.

Don Griffin

It's probably one of the last areas where people can get their own feed from the wild.

David Kramer

Those are the areas that we see the strongest growth.

Matt Graves

She's been proving them wrong in a lot of areas.

Melissa Dover

People are moving to rural areas, so there's more awareness now.

Melissa Wilson

As the subway extended, other areas were populated.

Roxanne Robertson

We like to reflect all areas of our viewers and their lives.

Tony Disanto

We have to continue to get better in all areas to become competitive.

Neil Jarvis

Certain areas are growing so rapidly right now.

Linda Holmes

Like any conurbation, you have the run-down areas where you wouldn't put the dog in.

Philip Dunne

It's helped us in a lot of areas.

Mike Williamson

That area's been tussled over for years.

Joel Despain

We feel in the areas important from an academic standpoint, we have really met the standard.

Warren May

It's not the right thing to do. It's not the right thing to risk to try to get in this country through these very dangerous areas.

David Aguilar

We put a greater percentage of our resources against our key areas of focus.

Dick Lampman

We still have three areas, two major areas ... that have to be addressed.

Allen Cohen

The property is adjacent to one of the most environmentally sensitive areas of Aspen.

Abe Somer

That may be good because we may be able to abandon some of those lower areas.

Craig Colten

It's not uncommon if you get back into areas that are not maintained by people.

Steve Carbol

Different areas of the county often have needs other areas may not have.

Carolyn Gray

Still one or two gray areas which need to be addressed.

Palaniappan Chidambaram

Isn't diverted to non-public health areas.

Bill Novelli

We are satisfied with the report. It was accurate. In several areas, we were near or above averages.

Donna Griffin

They're in the right areas where they need to go.

Cameron Doerksen

We make sure the white areas sparkle. We make sure that they are in tip-top shape.

Pat Tetrault

The Coast Guard helps us out with that when we have to get into areas where it's tough to do a rescue.

Lt. Dennis Dinsmore

I go from market to market targeting areas like that.

Stanley Bonilla

There are five different areas to stop and sit and ponder.

Dee Press

If any areas were going to be affected, those were the places.

Michael Hooper

We are writing new business in areas a long, long way from the coast.

Morris Anderson

Some areas are loosely defined.

Cheryl Max

People like to walk through natural areas.

Don Stone

In all those areas you can expect us to extend our franchise pretty aggressively.

Timothy Koogle

You get to see behind the scenes activity. You get to areas the public wouldn't see otherwise.

Cheryle Simon

There are no areas where no NGOs are going but there are vast areas where very few NGOs are going.

Anja De Beer

Reports are that it has already outsold Paris Hilton is some areas.

Mark Moeller

He's very knowledgeable about fiscal areas and has worldwide contacts.

Allan H. Meltzer

This is one of the areas of growth.

David Bank

There's more demand for it, for the quiet. (People) are looking for the quiet areas.

Chuck James

Most of them were in (schools) in wooded areas with a lot of stumps.

Bob Eisenhauer

E-mail is one of the fast-growing areas in Internet advertising and marketing.

Christopher Todd

All those low-lying areas are just devastated.

Michael Brown

We are continuing to make progress on those key areas under our control.

Tom Park

We're more concerned with the closed areas within the perimeter.

Anita Allen

Anti-Detroit to start first in rural areas.

Kwame Kilpatrick

In some areas, it was total disaster.

Patrick Sullivan

If the party is being run as it should be, they shouldn't be in the private areas.

Chris Bullins

I hope it helps with the reclamation of some of the more distraught areas of the city.

Charles Scott

I had to focus on some personal areas in my life with the little bit of privacy that I have.

Mario Vazquez

I worry about the stigma -- especially in rural areas.

David Richard

It's used in areas more associated with comfort.

Randy Hall

In a new museum we could plan how all of the areas function together.

Terry Mulkey

We saw some areas we could score in and we tried to get the ball there as much as we could.

Larry Reynolds

They will not be in the member areas.

Bob Ney

It can propel your program into areas that you couldn't do anywhere else.

Patrick Griffin

We have a lot of brain power in those areas. We think we can build on that.

Bill Flanagan

In 2005 abnormal temperatures were registered in many areas of the globe.

Michel Jarraud

We've cut expenses to the bone, really, in all areas of our business.

John Gleason

It is nonsense to say that these areas do not contribute to the economy.

Douglas Keatinge

The company has already outlined its strategy to focus on those areas.

Andrew Brousseau

Certain areas of the government appeared to be rewarded with jobs.

Robert Grant

So that would bring new signs back into neighborhood areas.

Alan Catmur

I think there are concerns among them, of areas that can be improved.

Keith Sutton

And we haven't gotten to the heavily devastated areas yet.

Butch Loper

A lot of the areas that were wooded are homes now.

Allen Long

Restore service as quickly as we can to those in the affected areas.

Paul Chambers

It will be just as hot at the beach as the inland areas, so there won't be any relief.

Jim Lushine

It's real dim and dark in certain areas. We'll make it more pleasing.

David Ricks

We came into this tournament trying to get better and we have improved in some areas.

Dallas Davis

Those are all areas I think we can look at.

Rick Snyder

There are probably 30 to 35 areas like this throughout the county.

Michele Baker

I think we have to maintain some areas that are more rural in nature.

Bob Dewitt

You're more optimistic than I that bootleggers will move into the regulated areas.

Fred Taylor

We want to go in and be able to do the small areas in front counters.

Dixie Scheiderer

We?re moving through areas as soon as they?re finished and cleaning them.

David Robbins

We have cleared the mines in many areas, but they keep adding them.

Abdul Samad Lasi

In some of these areas, we are the only provider of coverage.

Tim Duffy

We will go ahead with the five areas.

Michael Townsend

The more people we have down here, the better we can search areas and get people out.

Robert Harris

Then we passed through the residential areas ... There was an outpouring of support for us.

Renato Reyes

As long as we are in charge of our own areas I think it's OK.

Geoff Dixon

They have made generators available to us in certain areas.

Pansy Tlakula

A lot of these areas most affected were in pretty bad shape before the hurricane.

John Murphy

It will improve the area's quality of life.

Rep. Melina Castro

Those are areas where the people were probably asleep when the water rushed in.

Charles Hood

Aboriginal printmaking is probably one of the most vital areas of printmaking at the moment.

Roger Butler

Most of our new banking stores are located in fast-growing areas.

Gerrit Van Huisstede

You can't be great at a whole lot of different areas.

David Piehler

In areas with no growth, we're bringing the students to the seats.

Steve Ayers

It will be helpful in other areas.

Doug Allen

There's going to be a tremendous amount of rebuilding. There are going to be a lot of bonds out of those areas.

James Conn

There are some groups of stocks that always key off of one another. The solid names are the solid areas.

Alan Hoffman

Those are areas that have shown real strength.

John Slenker

Tourism now ranks as one of the areas of economic growth.

Ignatius Chicha

We're watching closely to make sure the vulnerable areas are OK.

Walter Maestri

They are representative of the fact that it is extremely dry in these areas.

Mike Palmerino

We have more kids than we can handle most of the time. And the area's growing so much.

Pat Lippold

There are a lot of poor areas, a lot of areas where insurance is not common.

Malcolm Tarling

It helps keep those areas open for future use.

Lee Anderson

There are a lot of gray areas. It doesn't really say in the statutes just how you can do it.

Ronald Turner

So far we have killed 500,000 birds. In some of these areas we have killed 50 percent of all birds and in others only 30 percent.

Tahseen Nameq

When he gets the puck in those areas, he usually scores.

Dan Hinote

We're basically looking at all the areas to make sure we're looking at the right ones.

Kevin Mcdaniel

Pharmacies are opening up in already saturated areas.

Julian Solomon

Some of the deans are encouraging it unofficially. Most of the areas (are) where there is an accreditation issue.

Bruce Parker

In some other areas we are actually fairly low tech and proud of it.

Tom Dempsey

The detailed guidelines would make work more straightforward in those areas.

Yi Xianrong

There's an affinity for those Delta areas because it's home for so many.

Wallace Davis

This creates new risk in new areas and the people in these areas are not prepared.

Thomas Loster

There's a lot of use in more remote areas.

Lynette Willie

We try and teach all curriculum areas.

Anne Ambroziak

It really concentrates the ducks in areas where there is water. So for those who have water it's great, but if you don't have water it's not so great.

Andrew James

In some areas of Baghdad, there are those that would hide him and those that would passively allow him to operate.

Lance Smith

They'll go to the areas where they're most needed, where they get the most calls.

Twis Lizasuain

We picked the areas that would be a challenge. The 200 miles we use are probably the toughest 200 miles we've got.

Buck Potter

Every year is a new year, and last year we had success in some areas against them. But we had some lack of success in some areas too.

Larry Kerr

We have two very focused areas of the market that are very positive.

Robert Adler

It's a process. All areas of the budget are under review.

Walter Keiss

I'm sure there probably are other areas in companies that are not asked for ROI.

Richard Feinberg

We are taking a lot of steps in these high-demand areas.

Jerry Hogle

This is probably pretty common in areas like this worldwide.

Roy Dokka

We have identified areas where we can improve.

Bernard Laporte

It's really making things difficult. Access is extremely difficult in some areas.

Rick Christman

It's one of the better areas. We don't get many calls out there at all.

Sgt. Gary Kemper

We did a lot of work on I-94 in the Metro Detroit and Ann Arbor areas in anticipation of this M-14 rebuild.

Rob Morosi

We certainly got contributions from a lot of different areas.

Gary Fifield

That's to control the flow of traffic so that the public does not get into the non-public areas.

Patrick Ford

There are some good areas. Not all of it is dilapidated.

Evelyn Fletcher

If it's successful, there could be more in the future in other areas of town.

Evan Springer

In rural areas, this can be very serious.

Erin Matson

But there are some areas where progress has not been impressive.

Edward Leigh

I'm in and out of all the areas of the business. But of course the main thing is singing and acting.

Eartha Kitt