Most of the heavy weather will be here on Tuesday and be gone by Wednesday. Finally, a daytime hurricane, not like Katrina that hid in the night.

We sometimes get used to tracking the Cape Verde storms that come all the way across the Atlantic. But some storms seem to come up out of nowhere.

We don't know. It will go to the Swahili alphabet or something else.

Even though we've been lucky here so far, it's still been a huge hassle in terms of workload and I didn't plan on having to deal with all of that before my retirement, ... But, I'm still alive and I've got all my cruises lined up for the next five years.

It will go to the Swahili alphabet or something else.

It will be just as hot at the beach as the inland areas, so there won't be any relief.

It's probably going to stand for quite a while because of the magnitude of it there.

They tend to form over the Bahamas or in the Caribbean and they can be here in 24 or 48 hours because they're so close to us. They're typical of early season storms, June, or October, in the late season.

We're going to get swamped here is what it amounts to.