With the onset of the aging demographic revolution, it is essential that the general public begin planning for their future care requirements. Unfortunately, most of us pay little attention to the cost of such care until we or our loved ones need it.

This agreement can be an historic turning point in the effort to protect our children from tobacco.

Isn't diverted to non-public health areas.

AARP believes the millions of older Americans and their families will be helped by this legislation, ... far from perfect.

It's a huge victory for tobacco lawyers.

It will provide substantial relief for those with very high drug costs and will provide modest relief for millions more.

A lot of kids in high school are not daily smokers. They are sort of social smokers and then they get to college and you see more smoking there than you did before.

Both AARP and The Home Depot are committed to providing the right resources and information to help individuals prepare for the next life stage, ... Through The Home Depot-AARP Workshops we are able to provide valuable home improvement information and know-how on timely topics that interest the 50-plus population.