It was a shock to the city. People were getting nervous about taking their kids to the bus stop. The pressure was on to get this guy off the street.

I missed Tabor College and it's a beautiful feeling to be back here.

The guys blocked well for me and I wouldn't have gotten many of those yards without my O-line and the receivers-it was a team effort, ... And Ben Brown is one real tough boy-he's steel. That's what I call him, my steel man.

Everyone is loving and caring out here and it's just a wonderful feeling to be back.

The minute I interviewed him I knew we had the man, but we didn't have any evidence.

Aboriginal printmaking is probably one of the most vital areas of printmaking at the moment.

He sits there with a lot of lino and a very sharp little chisel and cuts out those incredibly detailed little lines and gouge marks. That's really taking it back to the processes of [German Renaissance artist] Albrecht Durer, a simple technique that makes very complex images.

It was like an ending to something that had been on my mind all these years.