"Alan Hoffman" is the name of:

*Alan Hoffman (mathematician) (born 1924), American mathematician

*Alan L Hoffman, Chief of Staff to Vice President of United States and Deputy Assistant to President

*America Hoffman, son of Abbie and Anita Hoffman who later took the name Alan

*Guy Big (c. 1940–1978), Canadian actor, born Alan Hoffman

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The problem for the next seven weeks will be this tug-of-war. Until we start seeing earnings taking off, I don't think we're going to go anywhere but that says there's interest in buying.

This certainly makes the case for investing in companies that export. Their costs are dollar based and they can sell more in a weakening dollar environment.

It's beginning to bump up, but we don't think that it's nearly as vulnerable as some other technology stocks, because it benefits from Y2K, ... It benefits from Internet proliferation.

We will see volatility in the technology sector as always, but longer term we think the U.S. equity market is the place to be ... The solid names are the solid areas.

Intel has become a fairly significant barometer.

I think still we're in a trading range that we've been in since October.

There are some groups of stocks that always key off of one another. The solid names are the solid areas.

Everyone is always trying to smoke out the Fed.

I would buy good retailers - especially on dips.