In some of those agencies, we got to a restroom near the agency or Cabinet member's suite. We could have planted a device to have it all go off, say at 5 p.m. or 4 p.m..

It means a certainty of process. A knowing of what to do if you have a problem. For the first time, it defines very clearly what might be done to resolve (a dispute) before going to court. There (previously) was no direction other than to immediately pursue litigation.

It is a setback to a lot of farmers, ... but farmers in Mississippi are very resilient. They'll be back.

It will also give us more time to mediate a settlement.

MDA and (Community) bank were responsible for disbursing all the funds.

In some areas, it was total disaster.

A whole holiday about studying the Constitution just sounds like they're pushing, like they're trying to make more national pride and glorify the country. If one or two want to do it, that's fine but don't make it a holiday that everyone has to celebrate.