"Donald Frederick Griffin" is a former professional American football player who was NFL Draft/drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in the sixth round of the 1986 NFL Draft. A 6'0", 176-lb. cornerback from Middle Tennessee State University.

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Insurance is really based on looking at the past.

Fire is one of the most basic areas of coverage.

We're hoping that some kind of limited liability agreement can be worked out with the government that limits the liability for Good Samaritans who take in these evacuees. We don't anticipate that there would be a lot of lawsuits out of that, based on the fact that people are voluntarily helping out, but that doesn't mean that still won't occur in some rare instances.

It can be a national problem, as we're seeing evidenced today. There's a lot of other catastrophes that certainly we're dealing with these days that could point to the need to explore a national solution.

You can never make a place 100% safe, but you can do some things to minimize the dangers.

This will have an impact on rates, but mostly in that region... unless it gets really big.

If you're involved in an accident and you're at fault $500,000 may not be enough. Do you really want to lose your house because you failed to spend an extra couple of hundred bucks?

You still have to pay your mortgage, even if you can't live in your home.

A house worth $400,000 might have a total claim of more than $1 million after you consider the insurance on contents, other buildings on the property and living expenses.