There are areas that are receding. We've just got a long way to go.

More than anything we are paying attention now. Our intelligence gathering is better focused and funded.

We have to find a way to allow (Hispanics) that want to come here and work to do so as long as we can keep up with what they are doing when they are here.

The water is receding now. We just have a long ways to go.

These funds will address several critical safety and congestion concerns in the 8th District, and are part of a larger statewide funding portion that will generate jobs and economic stimulus, ... In addition to specific funds for 8th District projects, the final version of this Transportation Equity Act reflects a plan to increase Michigan's share of transportation funding overall.

We are looking for savings that don't impact the impoverished person.

He will definitely play somewhere in college, ... He's got pretty good speed and can catch the ball out of the backfield.

I saw people captured and put in detention centers (on my trip). The truth is, they have no options. They have to feed their family and make a living.

What we have here, plain and simple, is a case of gross mismanagement of a multimillion-dollar contract. Worst of all, it's seriously weakened our border security.