This disaster did not end the day Katrina made landfall.

This is truly a catastrophic event.

All those low-lying areas are just devastated.

This hurricane has caused devastation over a wide area.

I surmise there are people in New Orleans who won't be able to get back to their homes for months, if ever.

[Floodwaters were still rising as much as 3 inches, or 7.6 centimeters, an hour in parts of New Orleans late Tuesday. In other areas, they were beginning to subside.] I don't want to alarm anyone that New Orleans is filling up like a bowl, ... That isn't happening.

I need the American people to recognize how catastrophic this is, to be patient and to work with us.

We're finding more and more people coming out of the woodwork, ... They're appearing in places we didn't know they existed.

The flooding is just everywhere... New Orleans, all through Mississippi and Alabama.