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I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.

Michael Jordan

The strong do what they have to do and the weak accept what they have to accept.


I can accept failure, but I can't accept not trying.

Michael Jordan

Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.

Les Brown

Whether you accept or reject it, God's Love for you is permanent.

Sri Chinmoy

We secure our friends not by accepting favors but by doing them.


Never accept a drink from a urologist.

Erma Bombeck

We're on the way up. I want to win (the state title). I won't accept anything else.

Andrew Howe

God asks no man whether he will accept life. That is not the choice. You must take it. The only choice is how.

Henry Ward Beecher

Life is accepting what is and working from that.

Gloria Naylor

We're anxious to accept the challenge this time.

Bill Mcnees

I don't accept for any officer to even slap a prisoner.

Bayan Jabor

There will be no fight. They will either accept (the gift) or not.

William Troubh

Mankind will only accept the easy things when they finally find out how difficult it is to accept them.

Dirceu Alves Ferreira

The most terrifying thing is to accept oneself completely.

Carl Gustav Jung

They had said to us they couldn't name him in the 1500 if he didn't run the 1500 at the trials, but they've said 'we'll accept he's good enough'.

Nic Bideau

You want to know why they didn't accept it? Because it's not $600,000.

Bob Ernst

I feel your scorn and I accept it.

Jon Stewart

The ability to accept responsibility is the measure of the man.

Roy L. Smith

We don't want to accept this version of a 24/7 campaign that never ends.

Rachel Leon

It's tough. I'm always getting insulted, but I've grown to accept it.

Paul Barrett

Don't choose. Accept life as it is in its totality.

Bo Oshoniyi

I accept my responsibilities. I'm accepting it and going forward.

Bryan Berard

I will not accept it [to become France's reserve again].

Gregory Coupet

My son gave me the permission to accept my success.

Gary Burghoff

The way people vote is the way they vote, but we feel if we explain it, they won't accept it.

New York Knicks

We will never accept anything like this.

Prince Nayef

There is a yellow one that won't accept a black one, that won't accept a red one, that won't accept a white one.

Sly Stone

We were worried and afraid, but we began to accept our fate.

Randal Mccloy Jr

Teenagers today are more free to be themselves and to accept themselves.

John Knowles

It's our job to accept the umpire's decision and to find a way through this mess.

Peter Beattie

If nominated, I will not accept; if drafted, I will not run; if elected, I will not serve.

William Tecumseh Sherman

To refuse awards is another way of accepting them with more noise than is normal.

Peter Ustinov

We're a little reluctant to accept the program at face value.

Matt Martin

Peace will be when you accept it in your heart.


We need to be honest and open and be able to accept the consequences.

Fran Bradley

I have to accept there was no malice in it.

Brian O'driscoll

It happens and you have to accept it.

Kc Boutiette

Growth begins when we begin to accept our own weakness.

Jean Vanier

We are very picky about the quality of water we use, so if we were not happy with the quality, we would not accept the water.

Anne Hayden

He never did well in school, and she couldn't accept that. She felt it was a failure on her part.

Vivian Covard

There was an idea of accepting everyone; there was no sense of exclusion.

Bill Pullman

I know, I realize that, and I accept it.

Brandon Wilson

We will never accept a lump-sum payment.

Arleen Starr

I think we're going to accept that we're finished at this point.

Linette Trabulsy

But I don't want to rob the joy of the event. Unfortunately, we weren't there. You have to accept it and enjoy it.

Jon Court

The government doesn't accept that journalists can have scoops.

Vincent Brossel

FEMA called Wednesday to say they would accept our bid.

Jim Dickson

You have to know how to accept rejection and reject acceptance.

Ray Bradbury

If anything, we'll accept fewer students.

Scott Cowen

We did not get a bid we could accept.

Shannon Bennett

If somebody here isn't tolerant and accepting, we haven't met them yet.

David Eggers

If they don't accept (changes), we will honor it.

David Levy

We attempt to be accepting of others. Sometimes we aren't, but at least we try.

Nicholas Sparks

We will accept more growth - we must by state mandate.

Dave Morrison

You must accept the truth from whatever source it comes.


We congratulate our opponents and call on them to accept our victory.

Ofwono Opondo

If the documents appear to be legitimate, we accept them.

Tom Hensley

Why should I be responsible if the left does not accept democratic decisions?

Joerg Haider

She was never going to say she couldn't do something. She would never accept defeat.

Vivian Covard

He had to agree to it and accept it and believe in it.

Allan H. Meltzer

I find it hard living in a day and age where people are unwilling to accept who they really are.

Matthew Lotti

We only accept 40 percent of applications (for pre-release slots).

Mike Thatcher

It's not denial. I'm just selective about the reality I accept.

Bill Watterson

You tolerate me, you really tolerate me. [Accepting his Independent Spirit Award].

Sean Penn

We do not accept global nuclear 'apartheid' and scientific 'apartheid'.

Manouchehr Mottaki

We were delighted that they could accept. And it's going to be a tight squeeze for them, too.

Jerry Munro

People say this is disgusting and I accept that criticism.

Paul Sharratt

I'll never be content, but I just have to accept this is baseball.

Morgan Ensberg

We refuse to accept the results from these so-called elections.

Krishna Sitaula

I sing to the realists; people who accept it like it is.

Aretha Franklin

I was willing to accept what I couldn't change.

Abdul Kalam

When occupations come to us we must accept them; when things come to us we must understand them from the ground up.

Lu Yen

It's something I can see happening for, at least, another 10-20 years, if my body can accept that.

John Baxter

As a professional, there are some things which I can accept but there are other things which are not acceptable to me.

Luis Fernandez

You can't have any successes unless you can accept failure.

George Cukor

We accept and we respect the decision, but we don't agree with it.

Francis Escudero

If the course is too Mickey Mouse, we won't accept it.

Philip Ray

I did not want to make a conclusion today and tell those who were absent to accept it.

Yasuhiro Yoshikawa

Would we accept this situation in real life? The answer is no.

Josh Krulewitz

It's not even close to anything we could accept.

Johnny Walker

If you strain body too much it will refuse to accept the challenge.

Colin Croft

In Vermont if you accept $1,000, they think you have been bought.

William Sorrell

Bing was always hesitant to accept appreciation in any form.

Bob Crosby

Some facts are so simple that clever people can't accept them.

Robert Locke

The more you are willing to accept responsibility for your actions, the more credibility you will have.

Brian Koslow

We cannot accept it when disappointment degenerates into violence.

Giacinto Facchetti

Work and struggle and never accept an evil that you can change.

Andre Gide

You might as well bury the old person and accept the new.

Rod Rance

You made a decision somewhere that you're not accepting misdemeanants.

Robert Aguirri

Don't accept the old order. Get rid of it.

Johnny Rotten

I do not accept excuses. I'm just going to have to find myself a new giant, that's all.

The Princess Bride

No, we're not going to accept that.

Rob Martin

I don't believe my clients will accept mediation in this matter.

Bill West

People are accepting of new things.

Robert Wesley

One must also accept that one has 'uncreative' moments. The more honestly one can accept that, the quicker these moments will pass.

Etty Hillesum

The governor's office is accepting resumes and recommendations.

David Ford

She not only teaches children, she teaches parents. She teaches them how to be better parents and maybe more accepting of their children.

Rita Florey

We will have to accept it.

Arjen Robben

We note the adjudicator's comments and accept her decision.

Richard Hale

We do not have to agree with them but have to accept that they have the right to exist.

Botsalo Ntuane

Accept the challenges so that you may feel the exhilaration of victory.

General George S. Patton

All you must do is accept all that is unacceptable to you.

Cheri Huber

The kitchen may not get cleaned, and I have to accept that. I do the important things.

Jasmine Guy

I did recommend that we accept the resignation.

Tom Sanders

The only thing is that the hotel would have to accept Amex cards, which most hotels do.

Steve Sickel

Didn't accept the rules. I was always ready to challenge and question.

Bob Macdonald

We're thankful for the little things. We accept no limits.

Rod Rance

I often lose motivation, but its something I accept as normal.

Bill Rodgers

Distracting. That seems to be the word the courts will accept.

Judith Rasband

We will never accept aggressive troops in any part of Serbia.

Vojislav Seselj

We're accepting no more changes. Our problem is, we can't get to a baseline.

Ruben Collazo

Our convention is that the GG would accept our recommendation; that is the tradition.

Robert Pickersgill

We took one on the chin. We accept that.

Richard Seymour

Nobody can accept this loss. I am a bit ticked off.

Koji Uehara

I tell my staff, You can't be a victim. I don't accept the victim mentality.

Susan Powers

I'm not prepared to accept that. I don't give in to ultimatums.

Digby Jones

We have to accept that there's a permanent repository 16 miles from my house.

Morgan Rafferty

I would expect that if they don't accept our petition, we will probably have to file another lawsuit.

Attorney General Pat Crank

We accept that a rule is a rule but in this case we would have appreciated a bit more understanding.

Michel Vion

We will not accept that Iraq's identity is Islamic.

Massoud Barzani

We will not accept violence or incitement.

Dan Harel

We need to speak to him to see if he will accept the position.

Maurice Lindsay

There is no reason why there should be any doubt that the principals should accept the agreement.

Jacob Zuma

If someone sticks a label on you, then it's their loss. You are who you are, and if they can't accept you as that, too bad for them.

Gayle Nakama

We end up sort of accepting that is the lesser of evils.

Sandy Clough

I accept, though it is with hindsight, that this is so.

Margaret Beckett

And, if there was any responsibility in refusing to obey, he was willing to accept it.

John Bigelow

It's another disappointing loss for us in every way. I'm not used to this and don't accept it at all.

Pat Mcmahon

It is up to Brian if he is willing to accept it.

Joey Carew

I think what we do is we accept these offers in the spirit in which they are given.

Sean Mccormack

We will not accept zero in the first year.

Matt Nerzig

We are the masters of our agreement. We don't have to accept their offer.

Mark Dossett

We have to accept that's the direction we're heading.

James Perry

I accept whatever you give me. That's what I got coming.

Dionny Reynolds

We don't want to accept it, but it is true. If there is no oxygen, there is no life.

Raul Alvarez

If everything is correct, then we will accept the filing.

John Payne

Parents are accepting that their children are dead.

Waruni Bogahawatte

When that happens, you just have to accept it.

Billy Wagner

She doesn't have one kid failing, ... She doesn't accept failure.

Terry Thompson

I have to accept what they gave.

Sabrina Harris

A sacrifice is best refuted by accepting it.

Wilhelm Steinitz

I don't want to put that as an excuse. I didn't run and I've got to accept what I did.

Alex Rios

I don't accept there has been a lack of action.

Tom Mason

It's not something that hinders your performance; it expresses individuality, and we accept it.

Chris Moore

At this stage it is impossible for us to accept anything outside this.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Even sarcastic play is not allowed - the referee cannot accept that.

Five Live

It's a little hard to accept when the objective is a medal.

Genevieve Simard

When you work with Tom certain things have to be secretive and you accept that.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Americans accept that gangsters are running the government.

Tim Robbins

It's gratifying to see the community accept us.

Hal Halpin

She's the marked player. She's got to accept that.

Deb Lien

It's hard to accept the point that she's gone. Seems like yesterday that she was here with me.

Shandrika Marion

To let go is not to deny but to accept. To let go is to fear less and love more.

Terry Rogers

Accepting a child's feelings and validating them can go a long way.

Adele Faber

He didn't sleep all day. You just have to accept this and keep on going.

Greg Hatley

He was willing to accept that risk.

Patricia Flanagan

We will accept nothing less than the right transaction.

Anthony Coscia

China may not view it (Disney) as a cancer, but it won't accept it that easily.

James Sung

The big thing is you've got to accept what the market is, and make the most of it. It doesn't have anything to do with you personally; it has to do with the market.

Jeff Lyons

Now you have to accept that there will be communication between the lakes.

Martin Siegert

The market will accept it.

Alexander Blanton

You cannot accept it for one purpose and use it for another.

Eugene Tempel

Men make the moral code and they expect women to accept it.

Emmeline Pankhurst

Passengers are saying, 'I won't accept the offer; I want a better one,' .

Ed Perkins