I would say this year will be about an average year. But even though it may not be as strong as other years, it will play itself out in the end.

The Mississippi River is fertile. It would recover. I have put boundary markers out and islands started to form behind the fence post I put out in the water.

I talked to Robert Helm, one of their waterfowl biologists, and he said they are not planning for anything. They are going to have their teal season, but they are going to cancel their teal season survey because all of their aircraft are tied up on more important things.

We will accept more growth - we must by state mandate.

Pass-through agreements are not very common.

The whole southeast coastal marsh has been ravaged. Some have some of the largest rookeries, and they are gone.

We are getting lots of calls from developers. It really cranked up about three years ago and hasn't slowed down.

He seems to have a lot of confidence right now and that is so important. We're extremely happy. He has worked hard at his trade and he is improving.

Southeast Louisiana winters lots of birds. You have to figure the saltwater burned up the marshes and any groceries. (The ducks) are probably not going to move east because there is nothing to the east. They are going to have to come to the west.