New York Knicks
FameRank: 10

"New York Knicks"1946–present

/ arena = Madison Square Garden

/ city = Manhattan, New York City, New York

/ colors = Blue, Orange, Silver, White

/ owner = The Madison Square Garden Company

/ President = Phil Jackson

/ General Manager = Steve Mills (sports executive)/Steve Mills

/ coach = Derek Fisher

/ affiliate = Westchester Knicks

/ league_champs = "2" (1970 NBA Finals/1970, 1973 NBA Finals/1973)

/ conf_champs = "8" (1951 NBA Playoffs/1951, 1952 NBA Playoffs/1952, 1953 NBA Playoffs/1953, 1970 NBA Playoffs/1970, 1972 NBA Playoffs/1972, 1973 NBA Playoffs/1973, 1994 NBA Playoffs/1994, 1999 NBA Playoffs/1999)

/ div_champs = "5" (1970–71 NBA season/1971, 1988–89 NBA season/1989, 1992–93 NBA season/1993, 1993–94 NBA season/1994, 2012–13 NBA season/2013)

/ ret_nums = "9" (Walt Frazier/10, Dick Barnett/12, Earl Monroe/15, Dick McGuire/15, Willis Reed/19, Dave DeBusschere/22, Bill Bradley/24, Patrick Ewing/33, Red Holzman/613)

/ web = knicks


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I've always said we have to find unconventional ways to find talent. And if we just depend on the draft to find talent, then we would be sitting five years from now waiting for Santa Claus to come.

If today's an indication if we're ready for opening night, I'd say we're far from it.

The way people vote is the way they vote, but we feel if we explain it, they won't accept it.

We are seeing in the numbers he is ahead, but the depth of his support is not as great as it could be, so I think what is going to happen is, they're going to take a look at him and compare him to Gore and see where it all plays out.

[Washington's brass is hopeful.] Kwame has shown some real promise that's not based on numbers, ... It's based on the effort that we get from him on a daily basis. People have to realize that he's still only 21.

I don't think there will be a problem unless somebody wants to make a problem, ... If they really want to make a problem, they're going to have to make a decision about how they want to spend their adult life in terms of playing in the NBA or not.

The majority of the players today wouldn't have been able to play in the 1960s, ... They talk about guys that are bigger and stronger, I don't buy it.

A career underachiever.