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Businesses are debating their online strategy. Many believe they became too focused on sales. Now they're looking at their Web sites as a way to drive in-store traffic and increase their engagement with customers.

Carrie Johnson

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This will further strengthen the Ford brand by providing us with a greater opportunity to drive showroom traffic.

Darryl Hazel

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In terms of uniqueness, this will be very hard for anyone to duplicate. This is the first streaming protocol caching product on the market, and it makes Traffic Server a rich platform on the network.

Paul Gauthier

It is highly uncharacteristic for there to be legitimate pedestrian traffic in that area.

Richard Kite

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It will be a great facility. It will relieve traffic congestion in the city of DeLand.

Dale Arrington

There are a lot of dangerous and stupid things people do when they're intoxicated, other than get behind the wheel of a car. People walk out into traffic and get run over, people jump off of balconies trying to reach a swimming pool and miss.

Carolyn Beck

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There were traffic jams for 1,000 kilometers, from Karachi to the northern areas, the whole length of Pakistan.

Nasreen Khattak

Strong tourism trends could help mitigate lighter local traffic.

Adrianne Shapira

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We've been given special permission from the Coast Guard to sail with supplies to areas that are still closed to regular traffic. We received a special invitation from the mayor of Gretna, and our ship Hope is sailing with food, water and other needed supplies.

Don Tipton

It actually missed every single major hub airport in the United States, at least a direct hit that is. As a result, the system was not damaged that much as far as passenger traffic throughout the rest of the United States.

Rally Caparas

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Traffic was, I would say, very affected by the crash, ... All the eastbound lanes were shut down for about an hour.

Tom Ryan

We tend to think [constrained roadway designations] make a bad situation even worse, ... traffic has been an issue for us.

Bill Morris

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During construction, we will always have it open to local traffic. It will still be a two-way road at the end of the day.

Stan Johnston

We have an expectations problem. If you offer it for traffic, a reasonable person would expect you would offer it for transit.

Randy Rentschler

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The consequences of that growth are all around us -? loss of open space, traffic congestion, and never-ending sprawl. Habitat loss due to population growth is the greatest threat to wildlife.

Diana Hull

Motorists should anticipate slow moving traffic and possible delays in both areas of the project.

Dean Ringle

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Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block traffic.

Dan Rather

There is still debris in the roads, and traffic signals are gone. Driving around is still dangerous. The dusk to dawn curfew will be enforced.

Dick Nugent

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We don't want them arriving and leaving at the same time as the junior high students. We want to separate them by a few minutes to relieve some of the traffic congestion.

John Netwal

We are not adding any officers to the shift. We will add officers if more are needed for safety and traffic control.

Chris Mccarville

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