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Businesses are debating their online strategy. Many believe they became too focused on sales. Now they're looking at their Web sites as a way to drive in-store traffic and increase their engagement with customers.

Carrie Johnson

I rule out categorically any 'traffic-light' coalition with red and green.

Guido Westerwelle

This will further strengthen the Ford brand by providing us with a greater opportunity to drive showroom traffic.

Darryl Hazel

In terms of uniqueness, this will be very hard for anyone to duplicate. This is the first streaming protocol caching product on the market, and it makes Traffic Server a rich platform on the network.

Paul Gauthier

CacheLogic has noted a significant shift in the balance of traffic levels associated with the main P2P protocols through our unique access to actual web traffic data throughout the world.

Andrew Parker

It will be a great facility. It will relieve traffic congestion in the city of DeLand.

Dale Arrington

I don't know the traffic regulations of every city I get to either,but I manage to drive through without being arrested.

Lloyd Mangrum

There were traffic jams for 1,000 kilometers, from Karachi to the northern areas, the whole length of Pakistan.

Nasreen Khattak

He's a smart player who has the courage to go into high-traffic areas.

Jim Schoenfeld

We've been given special permission from the Coast Guard to sail with supplies to areas that are still closed to regular traffic. We received a special invitation from the mayor of Gretna, and our ship Hope is sailing with food, water and other needed supplies.

Don Tipton

Though it is honorable to take the religious public's feelings into consideration, it is no less important to take into account the secular public, which will spend long hours in a traffic jam. As if the unprecedented increase in gasoline prices isn't enough, now car owners will have to waste their precious time due to Mr. Sharon's coalition considerations.

Yossi Sarid

Traffic was, I would say, very affected by the crash, ... All the eastbound lanes were shut down for about an hour.

Tom Ryan

They can do everything that they have been doing, except they can't park there, ... You can still protest; you can still march. You can do the whole nine yards. Just don't block the traffic, and you can't park in that particular area.

Jim Lewis

During construction, we will always have it open to local traffic. It will still be a two-way road at the end of the day.

Stan Johnston

This ensures that the information arrives instantly, compared to an SMS message which can take minutes or even hours to arrive depending on network traffic.

Stefan Lilischkis

The consequences of that growth are all around us -? loss of open space, traffic congestion, and never-ending sprawl. Habitat loss due to population growth is the greatest threat to wildlife.

Diana Hull

If you can do it, you move the car off the road and we fight about whose fault it was later, ... It seems like common sense, but it was not the law, before. It's a major shift in philosophy that recognizes that traffic congestion is a huge issue here.

Kate Harper

Americans will put up with anything provided it doesn't block traffic.

Dan Rather

We don't want them arriving and leaving at the same time as the junior high students. We want to separate them by a few minutes to relieve some of the traffic congestion.

John Netwal

I think traffic safety advocates have successfully argued against those objections.

Melissa Savage