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At times one remains faithful to a cause only because its opponents do not cease to be insipid.

Friedrich Nietzsche

I don't like starting the season off on the road, but I don't have much choice. Getting opponents to come here (during the winter) is very difficult.

Mac Gifford

We have to start getting it done. We're going to be going up against some big dogs and we have to start showing our teeth. We have more aggressive than our opponents.

John Sacchi

We gave everything we had. We learned that our opponents' desire was higher than ours.

Sadaharu Oh

It was another very encouraging game. We played a strong game and look to do the same against some tough opponents Saturday.

Gordon Eakin

He is pretty good on his feet and at taking advantage of the opponents' mistakes.

Andy Kerley

I like the six wins, and I don't like the six losses. The good news is, we didn't really stub our toe against the teams we should beat, but the bad news is that we didn't knock off any of the (quality) opponents.

Brad Soderberg

We're improving each game on defense, but we have to get even better. We've been playing a lot of close games lately, so it's important to keep our opponents off the scoreboard.

Trevor Gagnier

We never know where we're at week to week. Opponents are literally waiting to see who gets out of their cars at tournaments.

Bruce Cottrell

Opponents of charter schools will be quick to draw the conclusion that charter schools aren't pulling their weight, but that's not fair.

Peter Murphy

Just outwork your opponents. There is no way to gauge it, but I know I'm giving it the best I can. I can't do any better than that.

Trevor Hall

We truly respect all our opponents. But honestly, these girls fear no one.

Mike Gutierrez

I really like our team - we are a team that (opponents) really can't figure out. We run the football well; this is an athletic team. We just have to keep working hard in practice.

Chris Atkins

I was pleased with the way those four girls went out and kicked (their opponents) off the court.

Lin Loring

I'm going to take all of my opponents seriously.

Adrian M. Fenty

I believe elections should be open to all, for better or worse. Possibly an outsider would do a better job. If we had an open system, we might have had opponents run against Nikki and Mark Collins.

Patrick Barnacle

Right now, they are still continuing to figure things out on their own. That is, in my opinion, just doing a better job of getting out of ourselves, and focusing more on our opponents.

Buffy Baker

They're a great defensive team. That's evident. They haven't done a lot offensively at times, but they don't give up much to their opponent's offense.

Mike Whitaker

We kind of have that marked on our calendars. But we have to take care of business with a lot of other quality league opponents.

Keith Hennig

In a low-turnout special election, it's the only item on the ballot. The opponents - who would be well-funded - would be able to focus on it and have a great opportunity to defeat it. In a general election, there's so many things on the ballot that the average voter is lost.

Brian Sanderoff