How could you?! Haven't you learned anything from that guy who gives those sermons at church? Captain Whatshisname? We live in a society of laws! Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For fun? Well, I didn't hear anybody laughing, did you? Except at that guy who made sound effects. Makes sound effects and laughs. Where was I? Oh yeah! Stay out of my booze.

Matt Groening

The police cannot protect the citizen at this stage of our development, and they cannot even protect themselves in many cases. It is up to the private citizen to protect himself and his family, and this is not only acceptable, but mandatory.

Jeff Cooper

The idea that the police cannot ask questions of the person that knows most about the crime is an infamous decision.

Edwin Meese Iii

The key is to commit crimes so confusing that police feel too stupid to even write a crime report about them.

Randy K. Milholland

Any community's arm of force - military, police, security - needs people in it who can do necessary evil, and yet not be made evil by it. To do only the necessary and no more. To constantly question the assumptions, to stop the slide into atrocity.

Lois McMaster Bujold

A functioning police state needs no police.

William S. Burroughs

My biggest concern is who is going to police it. It's a role I don't want to take on or have my staff take on.

Jeff Forbes

They're not kinder and gentler in the handling of prisoners; they think a bad guy is a bad guy, ... In many cases these guys are related to someone who has killed a police officer.

Chris Solinsky

Every kind of peaceful cooperation among men is primarily based on mutual trust and only secondarily on institutions such as courts of justice and police.

Albert Einstein

I ask that we all come together as a community, that we work together to address the threat of gang violence, that I commit as mayor to work with the Police Commission that this matter is fully investigated and we call the facts as we see them.

Antonio Villaraigosa

Never have I seen both men and women of the fire and police departments works so closely.

Vito Scotti

More than corrupting the public trust, these Guatemalan police officials have been Trojan horses for the very addiction and devastation that they were entrusted to prevent.

Karen Tandy

We need a new police department building. And they are working with 25-year-old dispatch equipment. The city has property, they could have the funds for a new police building.

Carol Smith

I hope police haven't rushed to judgment. He just doesn't fit the profile of the recent shooting arrests.

Lindy Urso

From Sunday morning, Israeli police are going to be on their highest alert.

Genmoshe Karadi

He left behind his cowboy boots and luggage but he came back and the police were there.

Kathleen Bergen

I heard a loud noise which woke me up, and I jumped up, and it was just in time for me to see something burst through the wall, which happened to be a police car.

Terry Jackson

We're focusing on recovering bodies and establishing an infrastructure for the police.

John Gutierrez

We are still interviewing witnesses and conducting an investigation, but it's starting to look like this really isn't a police matter.

Doug Cole

We have been informed by police of the arrest of these two players and we will now await the conclusions of their investigations.

Nguyen Trong Hy

And I just need to get on with my life here, and concentrate on being the chief of police here in Moose Jaw and continuing my studies at the University of Regina.

Terry Coleman

[Colon] should have known the limits. That's why he is a police officer.

Leticia Valle

The army is assisting the police and a curfew has been imposed.

Haz Iwendi

We've met with the Salinas Police Department, and they just can't meet our needs 100 percent.

Gene Thompson

We wish to add our voices to calls that the forces of the police and army of the Yugoslav federation respect democracy and the will of the people.

Walter Veltroni

The fingerprints match those sent by the Malaysian police.

Sunarko Danu Ardanto

A few of them are in police custody in Karachi for interrogation and hopefully we will soon nab culprits as the security cameras mounted on the PIDC building have provided us some vital clues.

Asad Jahangir

Following the police operation, police officers are being deployed at the site to provide reassurance and assist in returning the site to normality.

Mark Jones

The Enforcement phase will start March 1. Base police will begin to give warnings to those caught using cell phones while driving.

Capt. Shawn Morrissey

We were like heroes, to stand there and observe the police, and the police were scared to move upon us.

Bobby Seale

As far of the mechanics of the search, I'm not sure. We're providing some manpower to help with the excavation, but the police are managing the search.

Geri Rush

If what you are claiming is true, I would have shouted it from the rooftops. I would have gone to the authorities, the FBI, the police, the Democratic (Party) — anybody that would listen. I wouldn't depend on one guy with the Department of Transportation.

Alan Colmes

I don't know what my dad went through. My parents never talked to us about his time on the police department, so I'm not sure what he went through.

Frances Roberts

A show of police force worthy of a banana republic is the latest attraction on the cobbled streets of Georgetown.

Francis X. Clines

The police are planning to transport them to Jakarta for further questioning.

Anton Bachrul Alam

There's health issues, there's police issues, there's safety issues, there's traffic issues, there's investment issues, you name it, that are much, much, more important then the Day Labor site. I'm running for the council, not running to defend one labor day site.

Jorge Rochac

We are working with the Honolulu Police Department and the facility of building maintenance. We will look even further at making our building safer.

Bill Brennan

Once we sign up to be posted, the police will help with enforcement.

Don Hudson

Police were called and there were some heated words exchanged between the union representative and Ms. Knight.

Richard Mccann

Our agents along with the San Antonio Police Department arrested two people that we believe without a doubt committed and facilitated the escape of the seven inmates on December the 13 of last year.

Larry Todd

I already know that. I'll be talking to the police about that, not to the media.

Douglas Green

I was standing with my friends at the coat check line when we heard two shots. We didn't think anything of it at first Then we saw people scrambling?There ended up being a corpse on the floor?The police were there in about five minutes.

Carlos Machado

I would assume a private establishment paying for a police officer, they should pay the entire (retirement) cost, both state and local, ... I would assume the locals would bill them as such.

Donald Hill

Every firefighter, police officer and city councilman lost everything personally and professionally. All the city had left was a backhoe.

Tommy Longo

I can't comment on it, but it is being reviewed by the Office of State Police Affairs.

David Wald

This will be a police facility soon, but as a hospital it served the community very well for many years and the service here was appreciated.

Tom Labonge

During a grievance hearing the union rep. Jeff Brown made a threatening comment that he would start stalking me to see how I liked it, and the police were called, and he left without incident.

Karen Knight

Montgomery police are conducting a careful and thorough investigation to determine how this gun discharged and how this boy came to be in possession of the handgun.

Lucille Baur

This is the future in New York City as far as the police department is concerned. They now believe that in the name of terrorism they can search anyone without suspicion.

Christopher Dunn

In Columbine they (police) weren't prepared, and they were crucified. Every agency in the country has learned from that.

Sgt. Scott Fray

We're here because we want to go to the Orient House. We're here because this is our city. It's an occupied city, I know. They have arms, they have weapons, they have police, they have mortar guns, but it is Palestinian and it is under occupation.

Hanan Ashrawi

I don't think there's going to be a significant uptrend in orders. Remember, it's police departments that are really buying now.

Joe Blankenship

It comes down to personal choice. You have to police yourself in this world you have to decide whether you want to expose yourself or not.

Bruce Skillings

The Beverly police feel this person was planning a Columbine-type mission and that the likely target was the Salem Courthouse and the persons in it.

Thomas Connolly

The charge is that she (Thomas) punched someone in the face and then she chose to give police a fake ID.

Laura Mcelroy

The police department was handed this on a silver platter and did nothing. That's how I feel.

Judy Brown

They should not be compromised just so the Government can trumpet about police numbers.

Simon Power

There could probably be other cuts instead of the police officers. We need to have someone on hand in case something happens.

Sheryl Tumlinson

I like animals, but I'm not doing it because I'm an animal lover, ... It's upsetting to see so much death. I've gotten down because I'm always around something dead. I had to call on the local police to finish one deer off. That's bad.

Charles Brannon

This is a horrendous crime; they just crashed into the residences and began hitting and shooting. There's been a series of home invasions of Hispanics. Much of it goes unreported to the police.

Vernon Keenan

And to move forward and to build on it (better communications) I think would be in the best interest of, not only the chief's relations with the union, but with the members of the police department, with the police commission and the community.

Bryson Ponce

The plan was taken to Venice police, reviewed, suggestions were made and approved. Same with the (Venice) fire department.

Sheila Weiss

The police have been arresting gang members left and right.

Peter Page

We're not looking to be the cigarette police and chase people down in the facility. We're just hoping over time everyone will get used to the new policy and cooperate.

Christopher West

Police were dispatched to the parking lot of the Gateway Pharmacy for the report of possibly intoxicated female in the lot annoying customers.

Officer Jose Sousa

It's a sad day for Plum, ... But I'm happy about it that we got a bad guy out of the police department. They should be held to a higher standard.

Steve Taylor

We have instructors come in and actually teach the citizens about what the police department does on a regular basis.

Charles Newman

It was the first time we ever had an incident like this here. If the police are present, we won't be having problems like that.

Cindy Jackson

He didn't go to Binyamin because he said it's an occupying police force and didn't want to be investigated by such a force.

Barhoum Jaraisey

To one who believes that really good industrial conditions are the hope for a machine civilization, nothing is more heartening than to watch conference methods and education replacing police methods.

Frances Perkins

At some point, what started out as a claim to get back on the police force came out purely for monetary (settlement).

David Minkin

We have more Afghan police, more Afghan army, more American army, more international forces. I believe we will have a secure elections.

Ronald Neumann

We rely on police to keep their prisoners secure.

Bob Harris

Go back in any news archive and look at the men who have been freed from prison, look at the men that have been taken off death row. Mistakes happen. Bad directions are taken by district attorneys; police make mistakes. It happens all the time: False accusation is commonplace.

Kerry Sutton

The weapon has been recovered by the Troy Police, [and] it is in fact a firearm. With the one arrest and continuing interviews, we have, once again, successfully concluded a homicide investigation in our city.

John Cooney

There must be a great deal of pressure on police departments and district attorneys to file these cases in the first place. . . . sometimes, as in this case, there is a rush to judgment.

Doug Jewell

We don't want this to happen again. Something needs to be done about the way the police handle and mishandle children while they're in their custody.

Andre Grant

We hope somebody can find him. We really need help. We don't know if we will be able to pay for everything. We're not sure if the police are looking for (the driver).

Ginalyn Ofamin

The fact is the gun that was the murder weapon was the gun she hid. It was bagged by police and tagged into evidence. There is a chain of custody. It was the only gun recovered.

Roe Wilson

Don't think of it as a class think of it more of an experience you get to experience what it's like to be a police officer.

Chay Lee

We did not want to be competing with Ray Kelly and the New York City Police Department because New York in general is already shortchanged.

David Pollock

I want to make clear that the chief and I share the strong conviction that our police officers must set an example for the entire community, ... The hypocrisy of ?Do as I say, not as I do' is not acceptable.

Jan Mills

We can confirm that the two men were DynCorp employees who were involved in the training of Iraqi police. Both men were American.

Gregory Lagana

The police have given my name to a lot of women. I have received several calls from women who were videotaped, who say their anger and frustration is not with Hooters, but with Mr. Aponte.

Justin Johl

The season ended on a very sore note. We had a player who played in a Mexican League, which made him ineligible. But how do we police this? How do we keep tabs on every player? To label us as bad guys in that situation is a joke.

Nick Markulin

He's going to give away the car seats. The police will be there to show people the proper way to install them.

Al Cadenas

This ensures immediate response on behalf of Campus Police.

Gary Thompson

We were yelling at each other, and with the traffic going by, had some idea of how loud (police) could have been talking and whether or not they could have been heard.

Bob Lafferty

The helicopter still had all of the police logos from the movie, ... So while the media was getting shooed away, we could fly anywhere we wanted.

Glen Pitre

I had to see it on TV that the police was chasing my son in a car. They ain't even called me yet.

Mary Davis

It takes a certain kind of person to be willing to knowingly jeopardize their own life to help someone they don't even know. In that time of emergency, the firemen, police and everyday people going down the street became heroes.

Don Reed

If thousands of demonstrators are coming to Los Angeles and the police say simply that no one can demonstrate, ... that creates the dynamic where problems can occur.

Don White

The fighting is continuing between police and the Taliban.

Mullah Mir

She didn't want to make any statements (to police). Nothing was voluntary.

David Defazio

And he went around the police and the police didn't like it and the police stopped him. End of story.

James Meeks

Have the ability to pick the time and place of their choosing ... They have used swarm tactics and conducted a complex attack against civilians and Iraqi police officers.

Patrick Lynch

It's important that we report things that go on, so that the police can do something about it.

Pat Doherty

The alternative is to put a police officer in every store in the country and we can't do that.

Ken Hansen

[The couple not only wanted to honor Hunter, but they also wanted to thank the Lowell police and fire departments for their hand in finding Hunter. Representatives of both departments accepted plaques from the family on behalf of the departments.] You never know how important they are until they are needed, ... We had about 100 people out here searching.

Chris Long

E-mail marketing will continue to be effective as long as the legitimate publishers are very vigilant in complying with CAN-SPAM regulations and police it carefully.

Thomas Flynn

There was this one female police sergeant.

Mark Reed

It's a disgrace that someone be honored who promoted violence against police officers.

Mark Donahue

The driver has been detained by police. A full investigation into Mzimela's death will be conducted.

Alex Wright

We knew that in the past he may have had a little trouble with the police, so we didn't know if he was in jail or what. But through the whole time, we felt something was wrong.

Ken Greenwood

The motorcycle accelerated into the path of the police officer causing him to take immediate evasive action.

John Venditto

We certainly wouldn't want to call the police on our customers and send them to other stores.

Ted Walsh

We'll do our best to keep the students with us and prefer arrest to giving the foreigners to police. There is no deadline for it.

Aftab Khan Sherpao

Police were really fed up with Milosevic, ... So we needed to get rid of him together, with them.

Velimir Ilic

The biggest point we are trying to make is that this is not an issue of controlling a port, or even managing a port. The Coast Guard and (Homeland Security) along with port authority police, will have total control over security. We control security for all cargo coming into and out of every port.

Kristi Clemens

We work with the school police a lot when it comes to graffiti, because most of the graffiti artists are juveniles. They keep an eye in the schools, look at the writing on the notebooks ... and they get a feel for who might be doing these.

Roxanne Walker

All the police forces of London are all working together to keep London safe.

Andy Trotter

It does more harm than good to the crime-fighting efforts of the police as the same people who should be enlisted to assist are those who are being alienated by feeling like they are under the gun.

Selwyn Pieters

I think he's just wrong. Fortunately, our police showed, I think, very good restraint and discipline.

Paul Schell

We were having difficulty recruiting qualified police officers, and we felt this policy may have prevented some good candidates from applying.

Rebecca Jones

This is just not going to be a good thing whatsoever, so Terry, drop her off anywhere -- church, police station, anywhere.

Patrick Ryan

Luckily police noticed what was going on.

Alma Van Drunick

The police wanted to see all our IDs. They had us pick one to see who got the ticket.

Cody Clow

Some nation states prohibit the police from collecting information on their own citizens. But they don't prohibit their own intelligence organizations from collecting information on their own citizens.

Bob Ayers

We also would like to express our gratitude to the police and to the private citizens who helped to capture his attacker, and we are confident that justice will be served.

Josh Taylor

We want to let people know that both police unions have been without a contract for 15 months.

Tim King

Randy is qualified as a police officer for the state of Ohio, If he's called, he has got to go.

John Shelton

I think these efforts really have been totally overwhelmed by the pervasive endemic corruption throughout the Mexican government, the Mexican police and now the Mexican military.

Diane Feinstein

They have also not been shy about chucking rocks and bottles at our police officers.

Norm Stamper

He'd be crazy to come around here today, wouldn't he?. There was a police car at least every five minutes or so.

Tom Frazier

You are going to have victims who are already scared as it is, who are not going to call the police at all (for fear of being deported). You need a police who protects all victims of crime.

Iliana Holguin

Proof of this facility was critical since SARS was likely to strictly police the exemption now that it had been confirmed by the court.

Rodney Lewis

The only question is: are the files held by the police - which are partly accessible to all police forces across Germany - fully up-to-date with all information. If that is the case, the problem has already been solved.

Andreas Schurig

Has criticized the exclusionary rule . . . and [as an appellate judge] has favored police powers over privacy concerns.

Andrew Napolitano

They're paying for police coverage in their taxes. We're paying for police coverage as a citizen of the city and if there are issues, that's right where I want my policemen to be that night.

Susan Kirk

This was not a police courtesy that was done with a wink and a nod ... because of some sort of brotherhood. We discovered a hole in the system. Hopefully, that hole will be addressed.

Ronald Malfi

It was very violent, ... We had gunfire. They shot at our trucks, they shot at the captain of police, ran barricades.

Sam Harris

We work with the Police Department. Dumping is illegal and will result in fines and the full prosecution of the law if a person is caught.

Diana Parisi

It is our hope that people begin to work more closely with the police, cooperating more with them because there is crime here. I think the community needs to stop looking at LAPD as the enemy.

Aaron Harris

Once the police officers left, the drug dealers came out. They were effective to a point, but we needed to move to the next level, and we needed around-the-clock security.

David Chestnut

Police have their function, which is to deal with the problem after the fact. For this body, the first thing is how do we prevent this from happening in the first place?

Jon Olson

When a police party tried to stop the car bomber, he exploded the vehicle. We had definite information about it.

Gopal Sharma

It's unfortunate that someone wants to play games with anyone, we just hope that the police can get to the bottom of what happened.

Larry Mayfield

We will be led by the police investigation in this regard but, without a doubt, disciplinary steps will be taken against those implicated.

Solomon Makgale

If it is not handled properly, it can be contaminated. Let's say a police officer sweats on a piece of an evidence; (it is) contaminated. You have to use rubber gloves, you cannot keep it in high temperatures, it has to be cool and dry.

Chris Plourd

I think different people have different things to offer. As a retired police officer, I feel I bring certain experience to the table.

George Hughes

Palestinians, other Arabs, even Iraqis go through a very tight screen when they come into that country. Documents are looked at. You just can't do it [sneak in]. It is a police state.

Robert Baer

As a police officer, we have statewide authority and of course that gives her the authority to carry her weapon and take law enforcement action in the community off-duty if she feels it's necessary.

Bob Friel

(Police) did great work. They came in. More than what I thought they needed. I was very impressed.

Joseph Blake

I and my sister thought otherwise and we went to police as we expected justice. But after a few hours of filing the report the police .changed it.

Isma Mahmood

I've been in direct contact with the (Ontario Provincial Police) and we're pretty well assured. . .that there will be no action taken by them.

Clyde Powless

Finally they ... directed police to the bodies.

Billy Jones

He said, I got stabbed - call the police.

Jasbir Singh

It's a learning program for youngsters who want to become a police officer eventually.

Officer Alexander Mancone

Since Sept. 11, the local police, our role has changed, ... Before, we were worrying about burglaries, thefts.

David Dunn

Basically we had to overcome years of abuse and corruption, ... and build a new police force.

Gary Britt

The authority received protests from various police and community officials.

William Crowley

In all these major cities, the police were all white, a big part of them living outside the central city, and they were about the only contact many African-Americans had with the dominant society. There was enormous hostility.

Fred Harris

There's enough blame to go around -- the city, the police and the family.

Vincent P. Sarubbi

We will give them full and complete cooperation as always to help them review the matters of concern with the Warren Police Department, ... We look forward to their suggestions and recommendations.

Greg Hicks

The police cleared the blockade earlier this morning although there had been no interruption to production at either the mill or the mine.

William Collier

Many parents mistreat their children by abandoning them and going to look for men or women. My office is ready to work hand in hand with the Police to arrest such parents and bring them to face the law.

Annet Kurui

There's no excuse for it. My wife and I waited 10 years for these children. For the police to almost take their lives, there's no excuse for it.

Keith Douglas

You know, a bad situation is getting a whole lot worse. We lost two more police officers in the last two days. We are fixing to get ourselves in a terrible jam.

Tim Ray

And the county exercises and drills, and the fire department exercises and drills, and the police department exercises and drills, and the lab exercises and drills, and we all exercise and drill together and that's the way we stay prepared, ... The best thing people can do is get informed, make a plan, be prepared.

Phil Taylor

I liken it to police officers pulling over people and asking for their tax returns.

Michele Waslin

I think they're cowards, animals, and disgusting. It would be better if police found them before me or somebody else did.

Joe Riley

Everyone is jumping on the stop-snitching bandwagon. It's all the rage. Even if you have a conversation with police, you'll be called a snitch.

Minya Oh

I do not think this will affect the outlook of foreign investors in the Philippines, because the Supreme Court has also ruled on the same issue already. But police authorities have to move fast and solve this case.

Gabriel Claudio

I don't know why people have to be in such a hurry. I'm glad the township is finally putting more police out to patrol.

Carl Sanders

The police estimate is between $600,000 to $700,000. To save $50,000, we spent how much? It's a sad chapter in the management of our government. It's very sad that this happened.

Dan Moran

The laws were different then. The police might be called, but they didn't have the grounds to take action. They'd say 'walk around the block and cool down.' It wasn't talked about, but was considered a family issue.

Tracy Lamb

The police want to take part in the people's festival and prevent accidents at the same time.

Mehdi Ahmadi

That's very unfortunate to have a gag order like that on an incredible resource for the police department.

Phil Andrews

They will have powers. They will be sworn in as auxiliary German police officers but their powers will be limited to the railway system and the airports.

Stephen Thomas

Thanks for all the police protection -- courtesy of G-Unit.

Fat Joe

Anyone who knows Ron Evangelista and his history with Rochester police chiefs will see this exactly for what it is, ... Unfortunately with Ron, everything is personal.

Robert Duffy

He met her in furtherance of his police duties. There was no sex. Nothing that looks like sex, nothing that smells like sex. There was no sex.

Andrew Quinn

We should return to the rule of law after the election. The police have been lenient for a very long time.

General Kowit Watana

He (the police officer) was pushing hard, as hard as he possibly could. Did he (Stutz) jump up, scream at him, cuss at him...if that anger isn't there, then why?

Larry Broeking

I wanted to buy myself a job and when my husband would retire from the Cook County Sheriff's police, that he would have something to retire to.

Muriel Finkel's

However, no-one was found on the farm. A number of personal items were found in the house, which made the police conclude that the inhabitants of the house had vacated it hastily.

Makhosini Nkosi

Overdevelopment is the No. 1 issue in my district. It comes up more than education or police protection.

Tony Avella

[Drug dealers and prostitutes hang out at the park] because they can, ... They're almost slick enough to know when police will come by, or who will bother them and who won't.

Betsy Harris

At the scene, some police did not follow orders properly, leading to mistaken firings and mistaken deaths.

Huang Huahua

Police labs are only set up to do human work, and they were overwhelmed with that. If they had animal evidence, they would just set it aside.

Beth Wictum

At that point, I'm not thinking about police, I'm thinking about me.

Patrick Nieminen

The property was so extensive that he hired his own private 'police force' to patrol it.

Jack Sanders

A bunch of youngsters entered a Muslim house (in Western Australia) and attacked a lady in the house and later admitted to police that they did that because they are Muslims.

Ameer Ali

We were living in the same conditions. The people there were doing the best job they could. It comes down to the scope of the situation. The police, the government, the Red Cross, FEMA, we were all just overwhelmed.

David Beatson

I'm not going to be dictated, nor is the Boulder Police Department going to be dictated, by a demand by Mr. and Mrs. Ramsey or anybody else to put up or shut up. That's not how the criminal justice system works.

Michael Kane

Parents need to check the state police Web site to see who in their neighborhood is a sex offender and where they live.

Robert Ley

They feel that a lot of times they can't trust the police.

Luis Rivera

They (the police) know who the people are who robbed him at gunpoint and they have not arrested them.

Bill Harrison

There is no way law enforcement can combat this problem without the help of the public, ... There are not enough police officers.

Raul Ramirez

I hate to brag about my dog, but he was an exceptionally good police dog. When he was working, he was so intense. When it was all over with, he was as friendly as your normal house pet.

Sgt. David Huntimer

It's an IP (Iraqi police) station!

Lt. Dennis Call

Everyone knows about it. Everyone's known about it for a long time, except, it seems, the Niagara Regional Police.

Valerie Scott

But the police here have brought in extra help to control traffic and run things properly.

Michael Broome

We need to have a police investigation to determine if any additional actions need to be taken .

Annette Singletary

We should be concerned as a society, as a government, about the misuse of police power, I believe that raising it in the context of primary enforcement is entirely misplaced.

Rep. Michael Festa

The family felt that the police officer should've gone in. The police officer is not trained for that.

Lt. Tundra King

We have evidence of compensation to top management when, as far as I know, firemen and police of the city got no extra bonuses for doing worse, more grotesque work.

Richard Brodsky

Now the police can decide when it opens and when it closes. Now people who want to move can go out freely.

Avi Zelba

All the departments were brought in and they were given an overview in terms of what we would need from them in order to make the process work, ... They are analyzing what their cut is in order to maintain the police and fire department levels.

Anthony Adams

Saying his workers would subsidize enhanced payments for police and fire, I think that is very false.

Fred Leblanc