This is the future in New York City as far as the police department is concerned. They now believe that in the name of terrorism they can search anyone without suspicion.

While we fully support reasonable and effective security measures, we believe this program marks a dramatic and unjustified erosion of the privacy rights of the American public.

If the Police Department were to stop searching the contents of subway riders' bags, that would be a substantial step toward curbing the privacy violations that have concerned us.

We fully respect the government's concerns about terrorism. That does not mean, however, that the constitution disappears at the border.

Our position is that the police should aggressively investigate anyone whom they suspect of bringing explosives into the system, ... But police searches of subway riders without any suspicions are presumptively unconstitutional.

People have said they thought Tulane could start back in the spring semester.

It's not saying they can't be treated like everyone else. It's saying they can't be singled out.

A momentous change in our society.

It is simply difficult to understand that anyone could believe that sophisticated terrorists trying to attack the subway system are going to be deterred. The only people being searched are innocent New Yorkers.