I think it's just a case in the second half where we stopped penetrating and dishing the ball out. We're an effective team when we do that. We just played the way Union wanted us to - or probably better put, the way they made us.

It was very violent, ... We had gunfire. They shot at our trucks, they shot at the captain of police, ran barricades.

All of the problems that have existed in Benton Harbor were existing last week and the week before and the year before, and they weren't here then, ... They don't need to come now.

It should create lots more walk-around traffic. You can walk to the movies, you can walk to Kaiser Grill or the Chop House or my place, you can walk to the Spa casino. There's just a lot more out here than there used to be.

Como's probably never going to stay the same. This is home though. And I can never say that I'm going to a better place. We'll survive.

It's going to be a car show for people who don't ordinarily go to car shows. There will be lots of things for mom and the kids to do.

If you're out of school sick and you're sitting outside on the porch getting some air, that's one thing.

If we pass the test tonight, we'll continue to evaluate on a daily basis.

The End of Faith.