A bunch of youngsters entered a Muslim house (in Western Australia) and attacked a lady in the house and later admitted to police that they did that because they are Muslims.

These arrests have taken place under the present structures of laws, which proves that these laws can tackle this issue adequately.

My question is whether we need the legislation because these arrests have taken place under the existing laws and it appears that the current laws are working efficiently.

Abu Bakr has been advocating intolerance.

Under the existing laws, they have averted a disaster from taking place in this country; they have arrested the people who have been conspiring ... so we don't need new laws.

The abuse of these laws is not only the worry of Muslims but the Australian community.

There are rednecks in our society and they can take law into their own hands.

I want the assurance from the government that my community will be safeguarded and they will be safe.

My people are afraid that it is on occasions like this the rednecks can create havoc.