The police estimate is between $600,000 to $700,000. To save $50,000, we spent how much? It's a sad chapter in the management of our government. It's very sad that this happened.

There's never a sense of priority in this town, there's too much political pandering.

The farthest thing from the truth.

[Voters] are very happy to have a choice and to understand the issues.

If I was in Hartford, it would be because we want to buy The Preserve or we need something for the town. I would be there because I was looking for a grant.

It's all tied together.

I'd like to step back and revisit the visions that have been reviewed by the Republicans in a nonpartisan way. With all these visions, are visions more important than, say, the educational system?

We need more bipartisanship. We need to question our leaders.

The real truth is the current administration is a small group of individuals who do control every board and commission.