If thousands of demonstrators are coming to Los Angeles and the police say simply that no one can demonstrate, ... that creates the dynamic where problems can occur.

After a thorough analysis of data centers in the Charlotte market, we selected Hosted Solutions for their dual power-grid architecture, redundant infrastructure and focus on security and process.

There's a new movement which sees corporate power, government power and police power as merging together to marginalize the rights of indigenous peoples, the powerless and workers. To participate in a police [protest] plan is almost an insult.

We are so touched by all of the auction item donations we've received from people in the horse business. I am so proud to be a part of this industry and so thankful to all of the people who are participating in this auction.

I'm not sure I could recommend to the (school) board about supporting the TIF being formed.

You can't just put up a bunch of buildings in the desert and think that's the end of the best market in the world.

They had huge stockpiles but didn't raise their prices after the earthquake, although believe me, otherwise they would raise prices any chance they got.

We certainly saw the results, ... were the two best opening days that we've had.