And the county exercises and drills, and the fire department exercises and drills, and the police department exercises and drills, and the lab exercises and drills, and we all exercise and drill together and that's the way we stay prepared, ... The best thing people can do is get informed, make a plan, be prepared.

We held Jones to 10 points and if you had to draw it up on paper, that's what you wanted to do coming in. With them having been in as many championship games as they've been in the last couple years, that's got to help some.

Their abilities to stage, warehouse and distribute donated goods is severely stressed at present.

Sadly, many of these birds likely perish.

This has been the hardest title I have won and Mark is the hardest finalist, this is the guy for the future. I am over the moon to win it again.

Snow in the desert is such a unique experience for locals who have never seen snow.

I'm sure I don't have to tell you who he is.

We remain unconvinced that consumer appetite for mobile TV services exists outside of niche segments.

They either aren't adapted to the conditions here, they expend too much energy keeping themselves aloft for a long period, or they end up in a situation where there isn't enough food and they starve.