I see no reason why the party will not rally behind that timeline.

We are confident that they will assess not only the substance of the recommendations but also the circumstances, rationale and bases behind them.

I do not think this will affect the outlook of foreign investors in the Philippines, because the Supreme Court has also ruled on the same issue already. But police authorities have to move fast and solve this case.

The President has been elected for a six-year term. The mandate was won fair and square in the election in 2004 and the mandate stays until 2010.

He's in good position to backchannel with the Senate, being vice-chairman of the Commission on Appointments and head of the house CA panel.

If they were so keen on meeting and joining forces with FVR [Ramos' initials], why don't they join the council, which is endorsed and will be attended by him [Ramos]?

Dinky and the other Cabinet members were all over her, giving her a bouquet and singing 'If We Hold On Together'.

It will be tight but doable.

The opposition should be more careful and prudent about their accusations. Attorney Lozano is not with the administration.