"Robert Duffy" is the name of:

*Robert Duffy (politician) (born 1954), Lieutenant Governor of New York

*Robert Duffy (footballer) (born 1982), Welsh footballer

*Robert Duffy (football coach), Dickinson College football coach (1927–28)

*Bob Duffy (basketball, born 1922), American basketball player in the BAA

*Bob Duffy (basketball, born 1940), American basketball player in the NBA

*Bobby Duffy (died 1992), Irish soccer player

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Anyone who knows Ron Evangelista and his history with Rochester police chiefs will see this exactly for what it is, ... Unfortunately with Ron, everything is personal.

We have a great opportunity to bring people together, and that's where our strength lies for the future.

We weren't rich and weren't poor.

If I'm elected and I'm not successful in four years, I'm not going to ask for a second chance.

Lil' Kim is a very easy person to work with, even to be friends with. She is just easy. She is into it for all the right reasons, and I think it's awesome. It makes me very proud of her.

With all the bad things a police officer sees, there is just an incredible level of innate goodness out there.

Forward to the upcoming mayoral contest.

Marc (Jacobs) and I were the last generation who could grow on our own. We just squeaked in.