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Charm is a way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question.

Albert Camus

When a friend is in trouble, don't annoy him by asking if there is any thing you can do. Think up something appropriate and do it.

Edgar Watson Howe

We are asking for one more chance. We are confident we can turn things around.

Sanyo President Toshimasa Iue

Please. Please. I'm just asking you to turn yourself in.

Laura Fleming

Basically, we're asking for monetary contributions right now.

Carol Lee

We're asking them to take that option out of their report.

Jim Daniels

We didn't have a lot of people asking questions.

Bruce Corrette

Coaches don't normally come in and start asking for definitions.

Tad Crawford

Absolutely I'm asking for revenge.

Fernando Vargas

They were horrified. They were asking what it was, and we were saying, 'Sadly it's probably ill,' and you're trying to make it as light as you can.

Alison Adams

We're not asking for amnesty. It's about respect. And taking to the streets is a way to make a statement.

Hector Flores

It's asking a great deal that things should appeal to your reason as well as your sense of the aesthetic.

W. Somerset Maugham

We have a lot of people asking for advice on what kind of fertilizer to use.

Nancy Lewis

Now, we're in a position where we need help; all we're asking is for something little in return.

John Bullee

All she's asking for is the meals to be served here so these people have somewhere to eat.

Richard Fowler

They should be asking Buddy Bell that.

Alex Gordon

We're just asking people to be extremely cautious.

Bill Toohey

Dory: What is it with men and asking for directions?

Finding Nemo

You create your opportunities by asking for them.

Patty Hansen

This is the same stuff we've been asking for two months.

Mike Plant

We're always asking each other to borrow stuff.

Anna Ford

We are asking the court to end the case. We are waiting for the court to decide.

Burt Odelson

The wolves are at our door and we're asking for support, really. And that's clearly what it is. The wolves are at our door.

Susette Kelo

The overwhelming message ... is we need to be asking more of our kids.

Kati Haycock

So many asked, 'How could this happen?' We're asking that, too.

Michehl R. Gent

It appears that they weren't asking to be warned.

Martin Lederman

Were asking the help of the public because we don't know where this guy is.

Chantal Mackels

These kids are buying into what we're asking them to do.

Jimmy Thompson

I'm asking you to do nothing more or nothing less than to follow the law. I'm asking you to find a reasonable doubt.

Dan Cogdell

Anything that's worth having is worth asking for. Some say yes and some say no.

Melba Colgrove

We're asking the U.S. Supreme Court to hear our appeal and argument.

John Hagerty

The parent does not have to know Algebra II by asking these questions.

Dr. Henry Johnson

Because the government didn't listen, we're asking the courts to listen.

Clayton Ruby

It's kind of her asking her father why he did this.

Leslie Sloane

I'm not surprised. There must be 29 teams asking about Roberto.

Gilles Lupien

Well, there's no point asking questions which cannot be answered.

Nicholas Witchell

I will keep asking myself that question till the day I die.

Jenny Wieland

Not one single kid threw it to the ground, and after a while they were coming up to me, asking for them.

Lucinda Perry

I kept asking the hunters, 'just get me out of here.

Jeff Moore

All we're asking for is some time.

Gale Kleinkopf

Doesn't know what they're asking for.

Barry Miller

We're just asking for the right to use it. We're not moving the water anywhere.

Norm Wood

We're not asking them to take any risks that we're not taking.

Jim Abrahamson

Right now what we're doing is we're asking too much from (Reid).

Craig Nicholas

They're asking me would I be willing to go to New Orleans. I said, 'Of course.'

Robert Abraham

They must be seeing them or they wouldn't be asking for (the new rules).

Phil Durocher

We're asking them to be ready, and as the situation develops we'll let them know.

Bob Larson

He was asking me to stay.

Stuart Reid

He's asking for approvals before we see the whole thing. That's not the way it's usually done.

David Crawford

I don't go any place now that I don't have people asking me what are we going to do about high gas prices.

Glen Casada

Those are the questions we are asking.

Patrick Onyango

My body was asking me to play basketball, but for now I don't run and I don't shoot.

Ronny Turiaf

I did get a few calls (asking) 'Are you sure it's the Madonna?

Paul Tollett

These small businesses are only asking that they don't have to pay taxes when they don't make any money.

Tom Underwood

Everyone is asking us where the pig is at.

Robert Garrison

We are asking for help.

Richard Speer

I am gay and I'm very proud of who I am. I'm not asking for any sympathy or to be a role model to anyone else.

Mark Feehily

A lot was asked of us, and we're not asking for more than we are entitled to.

Rebecca Smith

I'm asking the people of Scotland to shout with me, do they think that this is acceptable?

Kathleen Marshall

That's a great job. That's what we were asking for out of the quarterback in this offense.

Jim Slaughter

People are getting what they're asking for, or even more.

Mike Carroll

People are always asking me about eskimos, but there are no eskimos in Iceland.

Angie Bjorklund

That's asking a lot. It certainly will make it tougher to get to state.

Jim Myers

If you're asking me if we would have taken that deal, then no, we would not have taken that deal. But that doesn't mean it's a bad deal for Excite.

Charles Wright

Not Nate, asking for a gun, right?

Robert Udell

She's always asking for stuff.

Gary Parlin

Direct: Asking straightforward questions.

Ricardo Sanchez

No comment. Thanks for asking.

Ann F. Lewis

We come asking this state for justice.

Willie Gary

She's asking for $30 million, which tells you something.

Bertram Fields

Many boards are asking superintendents to be messiahs.

Michael Casserly

We’re not asking you to censor anything, ... We’re not asking you to take the book out of the library.

Mark Walker

It's been about 10 years that we've been fighting for this and that. Seniors have been asking for it.

William Novelli

It's real, but not near the $500,000 asking price. I don't see the PLA paying any more than $200,000.

Gisele Croes

Here you have an agency repeatedly asking for data of this kind, and nothing is forthcoming.

Peter Lurie

I wasn't asking. I don't need permission.

Saul Anuzis

Do not smoke without asking permission or sit so near (as in a train) that the smoke might annoy.

Amy Vanderbilt

We already have teachers asking whether there will be a follow-up.

Cynthia Miller

Right now, his contract is probably 10th or 11th in the Big 12 Conference. We're not asking him to be 10th or 11th in the Big 12, so there are some things we have to look at.

Jamie Pollard

When she got quiet, I kept asking her questions.

Cheryl Brown

We're not trying to hurt anyone, we believe we're asking for competition.

Sen. Nancy Argenziano

All we're asking for is one shepherd's rod.

Janice Terry

We're asking kids to get hooked on kindness, not killing.

Ingrid Newkirk

Everyone wants to come here now. They've seen what we've built and the ones who didn't come are asking if they can get in.

Pazsley Looney

The rules are clear. We will be asking for the money back.

Nick Davies

Why are they all asking me about T.O.? ... I don't even know the man.

Shawntae Spencer

We are not asking for $25 million. We are asking for whatever amount the jury will award up to $25 million.

Robby Alden

You don't have to ask for volunteers, ... We have them coming up here, asking, 'Where do you need me?'

Robert Myers

If it is an examination paper then they are asking a question there is no answer to.

Lee Westwood

He tried to molest me. He became aggressive while asking to have sex with me.

David Jordan

Our community has already been asking for this.

Alison Banikowski

I didn't want him to think I was asking for something special.

David Graves

We're asking everybody to be aware of their surroundings.

Dr. James Wilcox

We need to question the purpose of asking these 3,000 names.

Sofyan Dawood

People keep asking me when I'm going to retire.

Diane Evans

We are asking our customers to cut back on non-essential use of water.

David Walton

We were asking: .

Joseph Cook

If you're asking if my breasts are natural, yes, this is how I've looked since I was 13 years old.

Sofia Vergara

Your senses are good. If you have to say Leadership is asking, please do.

Tony Rudy

If you don't fix latent failures in your system, you're asking for trouble.

John Gould

That's a tough one. It's like asking which one of your children you love more.

Chad Beguelin

This is really good news. That's exactly what we've been asking for.

Annalisa Peace

Everyone is asking for favors, for special consideration.

Bjorn Hanson

All we're asking is that you give us a chance and work with us. We'll figure out where to go from here.

Laura Thielen

If you're asking me, ... it's a touchdown.

Marcus Pollard

We are not opposing the government. We are only asking the government to leave us alone.

Zhang Erping

We are asking the Justice Department to step in and block this.

Gene Kimmelman

He's motioning to the audience as if asking them, 'Should I do it?' And they're cheering him on.

Jackson Katz

We were asking for more science.

Gayla Benefield

We are asking them to make a modest contribution. Most people are paying much more.

Richard Maloney

We're asking for just reasonable, logical development.

Patrick Rose

A lot of people are asking about it.

Corey Medeiros

It's a better way, I think, to go out and preserve land than always asking the government to do it for us.

Tim Hendricks

What we are really asking for is to stop monitoring altogether.

James Bickley

They started asking us for our resignations.

Lawrence Smith

He started asking questions and being who he is.

Larry Jacobs

I'm asking you to please upgrade that property.

William Booker

I remember asking them what took them so long to find me.

Chris Loehr

I get a lot of calls from clients asking about gold.

Larry Moss

In the area of diet, we are only asking for fairly modest shifts.

Walter Willett

We're asking them if they've consumed elk. We're not having many people say that they have.

Cheryle Becker

By asking for the impossible we obtain the possible.

Italian Proverb

We're asking people for their patience.

Tim Wood

We're asking them to send the money where the people are, not where the trash is.

Mark Viator

Sometimes it's when you're asked and who does the asking.

Dan Ballister

I don't anticipate asking for any more increases in the near future at all. Not even the far future.

Tom Fleming

I'm asking you about January of 1996.

David Boies

What I am asking, I guess, is do you intend to work on it?

Jerry Taylor

We're asking this be done as soon as possible.

Ron Drake

These volatile biomarkers are free for the asking and taking.

Frank Bright

We're still crunching those numbers but we will be asking for an increase.

Chad Jones

I'm asking you to find him guilty, but find him guilty for what he did.

Dion Custis

We are asking direction from the community.

Scott Roehm

That's a question I will be asking.

Jay Christie

We are asking that everyone who doesn't have to be there please stay out of the area.

Mary Bowman

I have a 5-year-old who keeps asking when he'll be home.

Alissa Henkel

We're not asking anybody to lose their job over this effort.

Tedd Cain

Customers are asking what are their options.

Peter Garza

Right now, my conscience will be against it, ... I'm asking for a chance to look at it.

Joe Allen

In the higher end, more than ever before, a lot of people are asking about them. With homes at $750,000 and above that's the only way out there to get into one.

Mark Hicks

He was asking the citizens to have the gumption that the Legislature and the governor don't have.

Peter Hutchinson

We're asking for a feasibility study now, not immediate implementation.

Matt Prescott

That's what our customers are asking for. They come in and say do you have a petition, we'd like to sign something.

Mary Wright

Philosophers are adults who persist in asking childish questions.

Isaiah Berlin

He was very inquisitive; always asking random questions about random things.

Brett Bailey

I feel they're asking pertinent questions. I'm happy to be here.

Patsy Ramsey

I was just asking him how he was, and I said I was ready and he didn't have to push it if he was injured, and that was it, really.

Chris Osgood

One of the things we had been asking for all along is a church vote, and we had one today.

Deborah Seagle

The top of the order is doing exactly what we are asking them to do.

Doug Fisher

I kept changing the plans because they kept asking me.

John Macphee

There are questions we should be asking now, about all those possible scenarios.

Rob Bishop

I'm not asking you to take out the urinals. I'm not asking you to paint the walls.

Erin Buzuvis

What we are asking for from this government is a full-on fight against contraband.

Emilio Gutierrez

I think investors are asking why the Fed acted so quickly and so decisively.

Elvis Picardo

We're calling our donors, we're asking them to come in. We're e-mailing our donors.

Elise Brown

We should be asking ourselves, why we don't create jobs in Germany.

Elga Bartsch

We're asking that he be removed from negotiations. He's not a valid negotiator.

Eduardo Torres

I was asking Charlie the most important questions, and you heard the answers.

Edgar Bergen

Customers and carriers have been asking for this.

Ed Colligan

There's plenty of capacity there. We're asking for only 13,500 gallons where there is over 55,000 gallons capacity.

Ed Tuccio

It answers questions that parents would be asking me.

Earl Holmes

He's very traumatized because of what he witnessed. He's asking a lot about his mother.

Estella Olguin