I look forward to the challenges thatcome with taking on a broadened role at the company. Across allgroups, we have strong and talented teams of executives in place tosustain the growth trajectory.

San Miguel's revised offer is towards the top end of the board's valuation range and better reflects the value of National Foods' leading brands, market position and superior management.

You can save billions of dollars in energy worldwide every year by using light instead of wasting it.

There's a conflict there between the people who use the school and the wildlife. I wouldn't call it a prairie dog problem.

We do think they (prairie dogs) should be away from playing fields, not only for the well-being of our youth, but also for the well-being of the animals.

He's asking for approvals before we see the whole thing. That's not the way it's usually done.

We hear about new ordinances all the time. Good lighting at night works for everybody.

We don?t have the industrial base we used to have. What do we want to be in the future? I think the community has a lot of potential, and this location of the visitors bureau will just be the front door.

We would very strenuously object if they were to kill them.