We're just trying to enjoy the season and have fun with each other. Good times are on the way. We all believe that.

B.Y. played like he was 23 out there.

I think he's the best receiver in the game, hands down. It was a measuring stick for me. I'll sit down, watch film, see what I did wrong.

I can't lie to you, I was beat. I fell down, and then he (Bruce) fell down. I just got up faster than he did.

I need to see what (the Eagles) do if T.O. is in the slot . . . What do they do? It's scheme; it's not just one man.

Why are they all asking me about T.O.? ... I don't even know the man.

He (Thornton) didn't surprise us. He got his hands on a lot of balls in practice.

If we don't do that well, (opponents) can pretty much do whatever they want to. When they can run the ball and pass the ball it's pretty tough to get off the field.

I am a believer.