"Clayton Charles Ruby", Order of Canada/CM is a Canada/Canadian lawyer and activist, specializing in constitutional and criminal law and civil rights.

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An allegation of wrongful conviction and misadministration of justice as fundamental as this one is too important to have decided by a bunch of pathologists in the back room.

There's not at a hint he's ever misused his passport.

Because the government didn't listen, we're asking the courts to listen.

Some of the members of that family were terrorists, so, I understand the government's concern.

They (hunters) are doing what they were taught to do. It's long past time somebody woke up and laid some criminal charges.

The legislation will not improve the safety of the residents of Ontario and will not reduce the number of dog bite incidents in this province. It will, however, force the owners of friendly, happy dogs who have never bitten anyone to leash them and muzzle them without any reason.

It sounds good, which makes for good politics, but it doesn't make much difference.

You can't clean your own house when you are under a question mark.

It seems contradictory for the government to be saying, 'You can't try this case because the record's inadequate,' when the very reason the record's inadequate is because they didn't follow any of the procedures one would expect in which they now concede make the decision impossible to sustain.