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Silence was never written down.

He saith little that loveth much.

It is not enough to aim; you must hit.

The best armor is to keep out of range.

If you scatter thorns, don't go barefoot.

After the game, the king and pawn go into the same box.

Once the game is over, the King and the pawn go back in the same box.

The teacher is like the candle, which lights others in consuming itself.

To a quick question, give a slow answer.

He who knows little quickly tells it.

A wise man cares not for that which he cannot have.

Everyone loves justice in the affairs of another.

By learning to obey, you will know how to command.

He who begins many things finishes but few.

Eggs have no business dancing with stones.

Between saying and doing many a pair of shoes is worn out.

Only your real friends will tell you when your face is dirty.

By asking for the impossible we obtain the possible.

One may have good eyes and yet see nothing.

He that jokes confesses.

Better no law than laws not enforced.

He who is guilty believes all men speak ill of him.