The wolves are at our door and we're asking for support, really. And that's clearly what it is. The wolves are at our door.

What is happening to me should not happen to anyone else.

The ongoing battle of the last eight years has not been to allow us to live in our homes and pay rent to the city of New London until we die.

We still have hope that we'll get to keep our homes.

I sincerely hope that Congress will do what judges and local legislators so far have refused to do for me and for thousands of people like me across the nation: protect our homes.

It's obvious they don't want us here, and they've done everything in their power to make us leave, ... They are simply taking our property from us private owners and giving it to another private owner to develop.

What is happening to me should not happen to anyone. Congress and state legislatures need to send a message to local governments that this kind of abuse of power will not be funded or tolerated.