"Nicholas Newton Henshall Witchell" is an United Kingdom/English journalist. He is a newscaster and diplomatic and royal correspondent for BBC News.

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He knows he can be awkward and irritable. But he only lets it show when he feels colleagues have failed to reach the standard of professionalism required to do the job well.

Well, there's no point asking questions which cannot be answered.

[Evans asked:] Well, what do you want me to do? ... I don't know, honestly I don't.

I've told you four times now, 'this will presumably be one of the last occasions when a ceremony such as this happens'….

[Earlier in the year Prince Charles let slip his feelings about the media on the ski slopes of Switzerland when a microphone captured him saying during a photo call:] Bloody people. I hate doing this. ... I can't bear that man. I mean, he's so awful, he really is... I hate these people.

Okay then, let's leave it. That's fine. You know . . . I've hung around for you, it's pointless.

I placed my hand over her mouth and said: 'You have made your protest so please be quiet. She later claimed I swore at her. But I would hardly do that with the mikes on.