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I'm really anxious to know what resonates with the public.

Roland Betts

We're anxious to accept the challenge this time.

Bill Mcnees

I am not anxious to take this on, but we're going to.

Jerry Full

We're anxious to get going on this right away. The quicker the better.

Joseph Gentile

I'm better and I'm anxious to get home. Everyone remarks that I look much better.

Sally Brown

We're anxious for DOD to succeed. We know they will succeed.

Linda M. Springer

Many people feel anxious about the future.

Katsuya Okada

On a very deeply personal level, I was anxious about it.

Jane Rosenthal

We should be more anxious that our afflictions should benefit us than that they should be speedily removed from us.

Robert Hall

I'm sure he's not. He's anxious, but he has to take care of himself.

John Marshall (football Coach)

I had some anxious moments as the ball rolled on the rim for a second.

Bruce Barnes

We finally get to play, ... We're anxious to play someone else.

Ken Hatfield

We probably got a little over anxious. We were excited.

Brad Folta

The more levees broke, the more anxious you got. It was hard, but we made it through and we'll make it through.

Tracy Davis

I'm anxious to get out there. I feel positive and confident and ready to go.

Kurt Backes

They are anxious to get a game. They want to get back to playing.

Dennis Martin

We're anxious too and looking forward to the experience.

Darren Rommerdahl

We're pleased people are so anxious to affiliate themselves with Boston.

Craig Coy

I'm anxious to see how it opens the game up.

Matthew Lombardi

I'm anxious to get in this.

Sharon Taylor

I'm extremely excited and anxious. I don't know who will be more anxious, me or him.

Shatha Atiya

At this point we're anxious to begin discussions with FDA to address this issue.

Tony Plohoros

We are anxious to get a bit of pride back into our game again.

Stephen Robinson

We are anxious to sit down and bargain.

Bruce Beckman

I think as players we are kind of anxious to see what our role is as well.

Antoine Walker

If I knew what I was so anxious about, I wouldn't be so anxious.

Mignon McLaughlin

He is real anxious about the appeal.

Linda Mcdermott

So the clock will start on Friday? We are anxious to get going on this.

Joseph Gentile

Everybody's healthy and we're anxious and ready to go.

Levon Haynes

I've already got butterflies. I'm anxious to see how we play, how prepared we are.

Mike Whitaker

I am anxious to get more information on the program's expected costs.

Bart Gordon

That's the duty of the old, to be anxious on behalf of the young. And the duty of the young is to scorn the anxiety of the old.

Philip Pullman

We had a balk. We're anxious to get started on Thursday.

Bob Coolen

She'll probably be out for a meet or two as she has had trouble with her leg. We'll be anxious to get her back.

Carl Risch

Am I optimistic or pessimistic? I'd have to say I'm anxious.

John Nolan

I'm anxious to go down and help.

Thomas Reed

We're really excited about this game. The guys are anxious to get this win.

Willie Schlepp

We're still really anxious to hear from her.

Sue Kouf

We were anxious to get out there and get after it like we're supposed to.

Doug Illing

We are really anxious to address those charges and prove his innocence.

Terry Karst

It was informative, and I'm anxious to get the mayor's decision.

Neal Connors

We're so anxious for the game to get here.

Al Horford

I was anxious to get back out here.

Blake Yeager

She's a very smart producer and writer. We're anxious to work with her any way we can.

Marcia Shulman

As soon as we have any confirmation that we have the money, we'll proceed. We're anxious to do this.

Russell Rasco

We'd done the main thing that I was anxious to do.

Joanne Woodward

I'm anxious to look at ways to totally get rid of the problem.

Pamela Adams

I'm anxious for winter to be over.

Joe Mcgee

They're very anxious to get started.

David Meeks

David's really anxious to get on the mat and get that WPIAL berth.

Chad Roland

I'm not particularly surprised. You get a little anxious and tired of chugging along.

Hugo Papstein

I've not met Louis yet, but I'm anxious to do so.

Belinda Robinson

You could tell he was anxious. He was stomping his foot.

Jennifer Jackson

We were more anxious than them.

Sharon Thompson

I'm excited and anxious. Very Anxious.

Lauren Brown

I'm anxious. Little nervous. You know how it is. You never know until that day comes.

Dee Mccann

It seemed to me I was a little more anxious to get to the emergency room than they were.

Bruce Randolph

I guess we were a little anxious, but to me, it was like a regular game.

Ashlee Stephens

I'm anxious to get it going.

Gloria Lamott

We're a little in shock right now. I feel excited and anxious.

Erin Higgins

I don't think they're nervous. More anxious than nervous.

Elisa Zwick

Expectations are high and they should be. They are anxious to get things going.

Ted Lynch