"Jennifer Jackson" is the name of:

* Jennifer Jackson (model) (born 1945), model and first African-American Playboy playmate, March 1965

* Jennifer Jackson (dancer), ballet dancer

* Jennifer Jackson, associate producer of Magic City (TV series)/Magic City

* Jennifer Lyn Jackson (1969–2010), model and Playboy playmate, April 1989

* Jen Jackson, co-anchor of Bikini News

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I decided it was time for us to try and get out.

By working closely with these kids it makes you think as a teacher about things you can do to improve in those areas with all your kids.

The students are forced to be accountable for their actions and their grades every week and that forces them to show improvement.

I was very happy. It's just a little thing but it means a lot.

You could tell he was anxious. He was stomping his foot.

We just have a ton of people who are looking to go into business for themselves. We've been overwhelmed with inquiries throughout the nation.

People get together and what do they want to do? Watch football and eat pizza.