If I got that first takedown, then I'd have to make him wrestle instead of running away and making it a more defensive match for himself. I took him down and made him chase after me instead of the other way around.

I'm in a good spot. I just have stay calm, confident and relaxed and everything will take care of itself.

He was on his belly and I had my legs in. I just hipped in and it was there. I didn't really feel a lot of resistance.

I'm anxious to get out there. I feel positive and confident and ready to go.

If you make a mistake, (Jordan) will counter. I got the early takedown and wrestled safe, made him chase after me.

When he drove (Woodall) over in that last period, I just felt tingles down my spine and I was looking forward to my match.

I wanted to wrestle smart. (Jordan's) a strong kind; he's real defensive and explosive. If you make a mistake, he'll counter it.