Stephen Robinson
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"Stephen Kern Robinson" is a former NASA astronaut.

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It's fantastic to be back in the frame again.

After we landed, when we were rolling out, I really thought about my pals on Columbia, ... I thought, 'We got to do this and they didn't.'

We practiced lots and lots of tasks, we were prepared to do a lot things that we'd never done before, and that theory was sort of tested on this, and that's sort of the whole idea of going into space. You don't really know what your challenges are going to be ahead of time, so you practice everything you can think of.

It looks like this big patient is cured.

We are anxious to get a bit of pride back into our game again.

I am pretty comfortable with using tools very carefully. But no doubt about it, this is going to be a very delicate task. But as I say, a simple one.

This is just like putting in an airplane engine.

It's about like pizza dough, like licorice-flavored pizza dough.

In the fans' eyes, England is the big game. But recent results have been poor and we need to get the fans back on our side again.