They're all big (games remaining). They're all league games. We're on the road again. We have to bounce back. Defensive rebounds, making easy shots, converting free throws...We just didn't do it.

I had some anxious moments as the ball rolled on the rim for a second.

That was a great read by Adam. He made the right decision and found Zach at just the right time. I first thought Zach was going to pull up and shoot a jumper.

It was a pretty typical Carson-Douglas match. It doesn't matter who's the better team, it always comes down to the end.

I don't have the answer. I wish I did, because I would have used it. He's a good coach and has them well-prepared. It's just one of those things, for whatever reason.

This is football country. The only reason your parents had you was so you could play football.

We ran our spread offense to Adam. He can do what he wants with the ball. We had Zach (Weismann) and Kevin (Brush) on the perimeter. He can also take the shot if he's open.

It's level with the ground. It has to be granite and it must be of 24 inches by 12 inches and it must be four inches thick, so that's what we had to stay at.

We didn't make our free throws. It's pretty simple. We didn't convert at the free-throw line - that's the equivalent of a turnover (each time). It's about making shots you need to make. You have got to make free throws to win games. And without defensive rebounding you're not going to win.