David Meeks
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"David M. Meeks" is an associate pastor from Conway, Arkansas/Conway in Faulkner County, Arkansas/Faulkner County in central Arkansas, who is a Republican Party (United States)/Republican member of the Arkansas House of Representatives. His District 70, which he has represented since 2013, includes part of Faulkner and Perry County, Arkansas/Perry counties. From 2011 to 2013, he represented House District 46, now the domain of Republican Mark Biviano.

His older brother, Stephen Meeks, is a Republican legislator from neighboring District 67 in Faulkner, Conway County, Arkansas/Conway, and Van Buren County, Arkansas/Van Buren counties.

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We are still confident this ordinance change will make it before the council, and will pass as we continue our efforts.

You?re going to see a world of change in that whole area, from new development to aesthetic changes. That?s the gateway to Hilliard.

For someone who lived in Upper Arlington, for example, living in Hilliard keeps them close to their friends, and often close to their children who have often moved to suburbs like Hilliard or Dublin.

This is a large, growing and successful orthopedic practice.

This is going to really be first-class.

These guys are excellent. They have a good history of starting Internet-based companies. The draw with them is their history of success.

They're very anxious to get started.

We're trying to hold down family homes with kids to provide some relief to the schools.

We're excited to have them in Hilliard and we're looking forward to great things from them in the future.