If you have a max and go with it on the first round, you might blow the competition away, but you might also be shooting yourself in the foot and overpaying.

(Today) will tell the tale. You're starting to get into serious money.

There's an awful lot of high rollers who blew their wad last time. I know there aren't nearly as many players involved.

We have to wait and see what the guys who have shown interest but haven't been around for a few rounds are going to do.

The thing I have the most problem with is the discount. Each and every percent hurts me. Some guy that owns three stations in Reno can come in here and bid 25 percent less than I can.

He's only bidding on one this time.

They may have blown his doors off there.

I'm not particularly surprised. You get a little anxious and tired of chugging along.

We'll see what happens. We'll have good feelings this weekend because we're pleased we're still in it.