Every aspect of her life is being tracked right now to try to track her whereabouts, ... We just don't know. Right now there is no connection to mail.

The other thing the Internet and overall technology are enabling us to do, quite honestly, is streamline our internal costs, and that's a big deal. We're using the Internet just like a lot of companies to try and drive down costs administratively and then leverage that infrastructure to enhance our core products and offer Internet-related products outside our mainstream.

Trying to get a handle on this is like trying to get a hold of a forest fire.

Am I optimistic or pessimistic? I'd have to say I'm anxious.

The bottom line (is that) there was no indication at all that there was any risk.

There's no doubt, if you want to be successful on the Internet, that aligning yourself with the postal service probably isn't a bad idea. We hope to play that trump card an awful lot.

PosteCS brings the trust, security and peace of mind that the Postal Service brand is known for to the area of global electronic communications. In addition, through PosteCS, customers will have the option of using the USPS Electronic Postmark, which provides an added layer of security to electronic documents.