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I have nothing but contempt for the kind of governor who is afraid, for whatever reason, to follow the course that he knows is best for the State; and as for the man who sets private friendship above the public welfare - I have no use for him either.


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The condition and welfare of earthquake survivors remains a matter of serious concern for the UN and all other humanitarian partners on the ground. But we are vigilant, ready and prepared to assist.

Ben Malor

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We hope the move can help promote the concept of animal welfare in China.

Jill Robinson

People, who rise above their petty individual selfishness and work for the welfare of society are considered patriots.

Sam Veda

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All this had been accomplished without giving the appearance of bullying Korea that could raise questions in the United States about Japan's true intentions. In short, Japan could plausibly cite humanitarian concern for the welfare of overseas Koreans that would on the surface appear to be legitimate.

Wayne Patterson

We needed to make a dramatic change in the way we approach welfare housing, ... There has been an increasing demand for welfare housing, while the actual supply of homes has continued to dwindle.

Isaac Herzog

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Though the country has long included all disabled and orphaned children in its welfare system, practically only those nursed in charity organizations have been attended to.

Dou Yupei

During dental diagnosis and treatment, you can see the bad effects of smoking, such as making periodontal disease harder to heal. Advice from dentists to give up smoking is effective, and I would like the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to consider relaxing its response and allowing prescriptions as an exception.

Yuko Takahashi

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The average length of time that a child remains in New York city's child welfare system is 49 months, which is astronomically long.

Marsha Lowry

This is not a mistake. It was the explicit intent of Congress to expand coverage to working families. The original sin of social policy was tying Medicaid directly to welfare. Now, it's tied to working.

Ron Haskins

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The American people are much more concerned about taxes, welfare, the deficit, crime, education, drugs, and way down somewhere low is that matter of nuclear weapon danger. So our task now is to convince the American people that it's more dangerous now than it was during the Cold War, and that's a fact.

Alan Cranston

The old welfare system was hurting people by discouraging work and marriage. Welfare reform, and now this legislation, will build on the understanding that work and strong families are the foundation upon which we build our future.

James Talent

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The local NGOs, particularly the ones that deal with gender equality and children's welfare, had asked me to organize such a rally. I think we will do it early in March.

Cok Sawitri

This shift is bizarre, ... If welfare recipients can be denied their benefits because they fail to complete a benefits form properly, then I can't see the unfairness in requiring those who demand state support to defend their monopoly similarly by filling out a registration form.

Lawrence Lessig

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I'm a beast (on the football field). I see myself as a bodyguard. I'm personally responsible for the health and welfare of my quarterback. I'll do anything in my means to protect him.

D'brickashaw Ferguson

Our first priority of course, is the safety and welfare of our guests.

Bill Warren

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This is an obvious form of welfare for the rich.

Orrin Pilkey

Over time, you have a far better public policy. The family is able to get off the welfare rolls. Fathers are paying child support they're obligated to pay.

Milo Mumgaard

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I'm more concerned about the long-term welfare of his wife and daughter if he has to go to Iraq. All indications are he will.

Bill Clark

We sit around and we're happy when we have $300 in our savings account, but when you graduate if you have $300 in your savings account you're on welfare.

Nate Smith

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