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I wasn't going to do it in Toronto. I've never told any other team I'm not willing to take a pay cut.

Bashir Levingston

I thought it went in. Toronto called and said, 'The whole thing didn't go over.' There's nothing I can do about it.

Mike Grier

No disrespect to Toronto, but you have to win these type of games.

Deshawn Stevenson

We perceive Toronto as the festival that has the widest brim. We try to fit as much under this umbrella as we can.

Noah Cowan

He's helped a lot because he's been through this already. He had to fight for a job in Toronto. It helps to know what to expect, the mind-set to have, not trying to win a job with every swing, every ground ball.

Josh Barfield

It has been shown time and again with instances of transmittable diseases (such as SARS in Toronto) that if we have a plan and are clam then we could keep the number of infections down.

Dick Wittberg

I'm just this kid from Toronto who got his start.

Hayden Christensen

We were disappointed he didn't want to come here but we know he has a house in Toronto.

Red Wings

Ray didn't have to complete more than 20 passes against Toronto, ... [With a running game] Edmonton can now grind out the clock like they showed against Toronto.

Greg Frers

I think I figured it out, ... All teams that start with T give me trouble. Tampa, Toronto, Texas. But in all honesty, it's the way it goes. The balls I threw on the corners they hit and the ones over the middle they crushed. It's just one of those nights.

Paul Byrd

That's playing hockey in Toronto. When things are bad (fans) want to dismantle the team and fire everybody and bring in new people.

Wade Belak

When I was at the Toronto Film Festival this week, I saw this wonderful Brazilian film called House of Sand. Since the movie was so terrific, and Delray has a large Brazilian population, I thought it would make for a nice addition. When I spoke to the film's director himself and told him about the Delray Film Festival, he instantly said yes.

Michael Posner

I think the fact that this was his first public speech in Toronto, he should have been (here).

Jane Pitfield

The greatest time in my career was in Toronto with Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth, ... They were both so nice to me, even when I was a kid struggling to get better with my English.

George Bell

There really isn't a good player out there that every coach doesn't know about. For us it makes sense because we are so close. Such a huge bulk of the Canadian population is in Southern Ontario and Toronto - you could drive three hours in almost any other direction and not find that kind of population base.

Terry Zeh

Waterloo Region offers a lower cost of living, an outstanding quality of life and competitive salaries, while remaining just an hour's drive from Toronto. We have a thriving technology cluster doing leading-edge work with many exciting opportunities for tech talent.

Iain Klugman

We have not seen and continue to not to see casual transmission in our cases. It is perfectly safe to walk down the street in Toronto.

James Young

With all the young talented arms they have, Toronto has the ability to even make trades to fill in the key roles they're missing in the big leagues.

Dave Laroche

Steve wanted to bring this movie to Toronto because he's from here, all his friends are from here, and he wanted to give Canada the opportunity to prove it can compete on the world stage.

Bob Munroe

The Whole Foods store in Toronto is using it in their seafood section. They've actually increased the lights on their fish and reduced the amount of heat on them by 10 degrees using one of our systems.

John Davenport