"William Douglas Parker" is the current CEO of American Airlines Group, Inc., the parent company of American Airlines and US Airways.

Parker has been with the company since June 1995, when he joined as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of America West Airlines. He additionally held titles as Executive Vice President, corporate group, and Chief Operating Officer before being elected Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of America West in September 2001.

He continued as CEO of US Airways following the merger with America West Airlines in 2005 until 2013 when he was elected CEO of American Airlines Group, Inc. and its principal subsidiary company American Airlines. Under his tenure as CEO, he made an unsuccessful bid to merge US Airways with Delta Air Lines in 2007, and with United Airlines in 2010.

In 2007, Doug Parker plead guilty to his third DUI and was sentenced to 1 day in prison. After his conviction, shareholders questioned if the company should have disclosed Parker's two previous DUI arrests.

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